Modify the rotation of the pivot point/origin of an object. (without affecting the actual object)


Apologies for asking questions a lot for a single day but just needed some answers.

In C4D, there is this mode that when you enter it, you can modify the pivot/origin of an object at will. Like a regular object. And when you get out of that mode, you have adjusted the pivot/origin of the object.

You can see an illustration below:

I can change pivot/origin in blender but correct me if I’m wrong, you can only modify the translation. If you do modify the rotation, it snaps back to the world’s rotation.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you

There’s no way I am aware you can do that. Personally, I’d just create an empty, rotate that and then parent the object to hte empty. Not really sure why you’d want the pivot to be rotated but not the mesh itself.

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Not exaclty what you’re asking I know, but you apply the rotation of an object… meaning that the mesh won’t rotate, but after you apply rotation the object is no longer rotated.

I do this by hitting space and typing apply - then selecting “apply object transform” - though there’s probably a shortcut.

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What’s the point of rotating a point? A point (the origin of an object) is one-dimensional so it doesn’t have axes so it doesn’t have direction.

What are you trying to achieve exactly? Maybe we can help you better if we know that.

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@claus, the point is to rotate the local matrix of the object not of a point.

I often do this:
I duplicate the object and rotate it as I need, then I delete all the vertices of this object, and finally I join the original object to the new one.

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I see.

In that case you could rotate in the opposite direction (first selecting all vertices) in edit mode, and then rotate back in object mode. Now your mesh won’t be changed but your local axes will have.

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if you prefer… but sometimes you could get a hard time.

Anyway, in edit mode you have to rotate around the object origin, hence you have to first put the cursor at object origin and then perform the rotation with cursor as pivot.

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Thanks for the response @colkai @yogyog @sourvinos @claus

Yea, I guess it is not directly possible in blender but thanks for the workaround @sourvinos