Modifying 'Add' menu

I did read through the “read me first” stickied post, and it is not helpful one bit. The only useful thing I got out of it was “look and modify other python scripts to learn” (Which is only useful for people like me who have several programming languages, including python, for learning). Is there any script examples or tutorials for modifying the the “add” menus so I can put in my own objects (and make some categories)? I have been trying to find some, but not sure how to look for it so I have come to no results(using groups to add objects is too much since some projects I want to do will have many variation/objects, like Legos for example of how much there could be).

open bl go to script window
and there is the template menu on bottom header

many example on how to add different things

also can look into the addons site at bl
and there is a forum for released scripts

again depends how you want to build your models
using only the old API
or more modern using Bmesh way

happy bl

happy bl