modifying Dynamic Friction in real time in the GE

Could it be possible to change the dynamic friction during game play… Like using a python script or something… Coz it might be an interesting feature for my game (ex.: when you press down, the character sit down and slide down the hill (decreased friction of the character when pressing down) and when you stop pressing down the character gets up and can climb the hill easily (increase friction of the character))

…seems that no one have any idea…

you might be able to just replace the floor mesh with a different material on it.

I am not sure if you can change the DYN settings for materials in real time.

ya I already tried to replace mesh by duplicating the object, make material single user and change the dynamic setting but I dont work in the GE ,the dyn doesnt change

I believe you can change them with python. I think there is a friction command and dynamic on and off and a few other.

You can look in the python docs listed in the file below, in the signature.

and also you can look through this

also in your example above you can delete object and add new, with the changed dynamics.