Modifying mesh by scaling bones

Hello, I’m really new at Blender and I want to make a small modification to a model, but I just can’t figure it out.

I have a model of a hand, with armature and works well. I export it to Ogre using Blender2Ogre, but that’s not that relevant.

What I want to do is to make the fingers bigger by scaling them in the X and Z direction. If I just do that, the mesh doesn’t change. If I try to apply armature modifier, the mesh gets changed, but the skeleton disappears. That is, when exporting it, there’s no skeleton anymore.

I would really appreciate some help since I’ve been banging my head against the wall for two days with this.

Dear iLucian,

when modelling something with Blender… or any 3D program It’s important that you finish the model first before you start rigging it. offcourse you can scale the bones a bit to fake the effect but this might cause issues later on. Best way would be to return to temp. remove the armature from the model (alt+p) and redo your modelling till it’s to your liking, after that reapply the rig.

When you apply a armature basically what you are doing is telling Blender to change the mesh permanently to create the shape you made with the armature, this comes in very handy when creating statues in a certain pose and stuff. But it;s not what you want.

So best to select your mesh, press Alt+P > Remove parent (now your mesh will snap back to its original pose)
Go into editmode, make the changes you want,
Reset the armatures pose (select the armatur > Alt+tab (go into pose mode) > Alt+G/Alt+S/Alt+R
and then re-apply the armature to the mesh the way you did it before.

Hope this helps you,



Hello ristridyn,

Thank you for the response. I understand what you’re saying, that it would be better to modify the mesh then re-rig.
But I don’t know how to edit meshes or rig. The model I got from the internet and I can say that in a way it is finished. But I need another model who’s fingers are just a little bit thicker, but otherwise it is similar to the old model with respect to armature and texture.

So scaling the fingers in the X and Z directions by 10-20 percent makes the model look exactly like I want it. After scaling can’t I do some stuff to apply the pose to both the mesh and the skeleton? I managed to apply it to the mesh, but the skeleton reverts back when I click on edit mode.


Dear iLucian,

Having a basic understanding of Blender and how to edit meshes and rigs is most definitly a must if you wanna work with this kind of stuff XD however, you might want to try keeping your model and the basic pose, than scaling up the fingers the way you want using the bones and then setting that to be the basic pose. this way when you reset your armature the fingers will still be thicker, without having to re-rig anything or adjust the model.


Thanks for the tip, but that again, doesn’t seem to modify the mesh.
The thing is that this is the only thing I need to do in Blender, I won’t need to do any work with it after this. And this is something nobody seems to know how to do…