Modifying object matrix?

Is it possible?

whenever I do anything with an objects matrix nothing happens. Although, printing the matrix reports the correctly values.

The matrix attribute is read only. Writing to it will not affect it. The only way to do so would be to modify the property correcponding to what you want to modify (.loc, .rot, .size).


Yes, I’ve always written to loc/rot/size before, but for a certain task I’d like to write to the object matrix instead. Quite nasty that its read only don’t ya think ;o)

We argued this on the vrml boards several years back. The reasons against allowing direct editing of the matrix was to prevent perspective transformations with singularities (makes picking impossible) and degenerate matricies that can not be inverted (causes major headaches for lighting and more).

Of course there are a number of reasons to allow it, but the coders won out then as well.