Modifying the "Buttons Window" type interface menu

Hei Blender designers,
I would like to create my own interface on the model of the Window Type “Buttons Window”, that means to modify the “Buttons Window” interface. Is this source (the interface part) coded in Python and where is it located?

Thanks for any info.

Which version of Blender are you using? I only ask this because in the 2.5 series, the Buttons Window was removed and we now have a Properties editor. I don’t currently have a copy of Blender available (which operating system are you using?), but you need to look in the Blender configuration and, IIRC, look under scripts/ui to find the right Python file you need to edit.

Hi, Thanks,
I switched from 2.49 to 2.58 today and indeed there is no Buttons window anymore. I found also the scripts/ui directory, so I guess I m on the right way. For any reason no script are executed when I use “run script” from the Text editor. I installed Python 3.2. It doesn t solve the problem.
OS is Win32 XP.

As of the 2.5 series of Blender, Python comes bundled, so there’s no need to install it separately.

As for your issue of running scripts, I’m not sure what your experience with scripting in Blender is. Regardless, whether your green or seasoned, I’d recommend giving the Blender Python API a good once-over. Also, you may want to run Blender with the terminal window active so you can more clearly debug errors.

Thanks. Yes I had only played a little scripting in 2.4, but since everything seems to be new I need to learn the way in 2.5.