Modifying the mouselook script for third person camera angles

Everything’s going really well now so thanks for all your help guys, it’s amazing the amount of documentation and support the blender game engine has which makes me surprised more people aren’t using it to make games with. Now I only have small nagging issues to deal with that will just help make the game more pleasant for the players.

To help you understand what kind of game I’m making I’ll let you in on what kind of platformer it’s going to be, if any of you remember Banjo and Kazooie/Super Mario 64 it’s basically going to be like that, lots of collectibles and some you need to get in order to unlock new worlds and so on. I’m just coming up with the ideas now and I’ll be adding all the art and models for it, everything will be pretty low polygon because I’m fed up of not having games I can run on my own computer. So I’ve been looking through threads and when it comes to camera angle and such people just say change the mouse look script, which makes total sense, but I want to make sure I’m doing it right for the camera angles that I’m thinking of.

Now I don’t necessarily want it to follow the characters like it does but being able to use the mouse to move around the camera while fixed onto the character a bit like with Dragon Age now I think about it. Am I right in thinking that it will be a case of inverting the x/y axis and messing with the values a bit until I get the right affect?

I have a static third person camera angle working fine, as I said, I just want something that will be nicer for players to use.