Modifying the properties of multiple objects


I am able to select multiple objects (via shift-clicking or box select). But I am unable to modify the properties of all of those objects at one time.

In my scenario I have 52 playing cards (simple copies of each other). How can I change, say, the thickness, of all of the cards at one time?

Thank you!

Make the meshes of all the different cards linked so if you change the mesh of one it will also change for all those other linked objects. Select all the cards and use Ctrl+L / Object Data
If you change the shape of one card all the rest will change as well.

If you make one card you can use Alt+D to make a linked duplicate rather than Shift+D for an unlinked duplicate

Doing this has also linked the objects to one material If you want each card to have its own material you need to unlink that data by selecting all objects and U / Materials+Tex

Did not know that, but when I type ‘U’ Unlink Materials & Tex, it does not unlink them.
Is there another step I"m missing?

Thank you very much Richard! I’m reading through “Blender Foundations” by Roland Hess and that information isn’t included. In my mind this seems like a very common thing to do but I’m very new to Blender and modeling in general.