Modles for a game...

Hi just wondering if i could use blender to make a mmorpg.
or is there other software that i have to use to make one, for instance if i were to try and recreate 9 dragons what would i do…
Things that i think i have to do:
Modle everything: World>creatures>clothes>etc…
Make a server:
defineing these would help i know but i seriously dont know how i would.
i can modle and rig and get a simple player moveing etc… but i dont know any java/python so i would probly need someone on that, and makeing scripts on when a player does a certain animation and locked onto the target and haveing certain varibles, Hit rate dammage life etc…
if anyone is interested in helping me figure out all the 3rd party software to make an mmo please comment.
ps: im not trying to make 9 dragons its just an exsample, i would like to make:
the player
a couple of sets of armour
a monster
a leveling system> exp
life and stats ,Health, str, con, dex.
an inventory
a shop
and a simple area to test these all.
Thanks… this will probly be moved to somewhere els cos its not realy suppost to be in “GESD”

Well now, since you don’t know python or network programming, and you don’t have a list of atleast 5 games you already made. And you don’t understand what it takes to make a game. And you want other people to do the hardest part of the job. And you don’t have a GDD, and you are not well known on this forum.
I think there is no point in starting this project.

If you are somehow insulted by something I said and you think I am wrong, please correct me.

On a more constructive note:
at the moment, you’ve presented us with a generic definition of a Mmorpg.
I would suggest rephrasing this post.
Start with defining what you want and what you can do.
Then, give us some concept art, facts, figures targets etc.
From there, ask the community for help in areas that you are unsure in.
Remember, nobody will help if they appear to be doing all the hard work for nothing:
either reward them or state clearly what they will get out of it (e.g you’ll make it open source)
One important factor is a GDD. A GDD is a document which clearly outlines the game, what is needed, how to acheive each goal…
Finally, it often helps to have a website which you can update with new content

  1. You will need an army of Lawyers because I don’t think recreating a game that already excists is legal… I don’t know the game you are talking about so I don’t know their license etc.

  2. For a decent server for online gaming, you will need to look for “dedicated hosting”, for a decent server that can handle an online game it will cost over €500 a month. But first you should know how to work with servers, setting up a “fake” one on your computer, using open source software for that is recommend (and free). Read guides and books on it and experiment.

  3. You will really need to learn python, since Blender / BGE uses Python, you will also need to install that on your server.

  4. Forget about making an mmorpg for now, and start smaller, step by step. Read books and guides, watch video tutorials, learn, experiment, bring out some BGE demo’s, small offline games, a bigger project, … before you start working on an mmorpg.

He stated in his post that 9 dragons was just an example… i understand people in the community get a little anoyed by no experienced people traying to make the hardes things posible… but before replying it would be good to read the hole thread.

For the author of the post, i want to make a game… since i dont know… one year and a half… i have the idea, the storyline, the concept art, missions… etc.

But since that day i only post questions… you can not try to achive a mmorpg without any real or know how of how things are done in blender.

I´ve been in a year and a half learning process, and when my skills are right i will ask for help in the forum developing my game… since doing it alone means certain dead for the project…

First burn all the steps, lear the program, its capabilities, post some art or short game… etc… so people can actually se that you are a guy with some skills, and not a newbiee, with no experience, no idea… and just a generic mmorpg speech to share.

Blender is not a hard software to learn… and if you go step by step in a normal learning process the comunity here will be happy to help you.

Cheers and good luck.

I really don’t understand why people believe they can, without having any idea how, make a game like this. When I was 7 or so (1980), I decided to build a Walt Disney World in the empty lot next door. I dug a hole (it was going to be “3,000 leagues below the sea”). I think I gave up on my plans for a Disney branch in a few hours.

These types of posts remind me of that time in my life. No offense. I just don’t understand why people don’t want to try a small game first. I just don’t get it, even a little bit.

ok then instead of a huge game that will take like forever i know… hows about i make a player, texture him, add a rigg, animate all the motions, make a simple area to test him out, and make a creature etc (modle everything) then is when i would need the help to make the actual game (attack system>life>exp>etc…)
not saying to make a huge game geezz i would get bord at the first part of the game haha.
im just wanting to experament with this a little bit, o and i helped on a game called “Koins of Kain” fyi :slight_smile:

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.:evilgrin:

Yup, nothing wrong to dream and go for it, nothing is impossible is my motto, but start realistic, and be happy with what you achieve even if that’s still far from your ultimate goal. Happyness is going for your goals, nearly achieving them and achieving them and go on to the next one. If you’ve achieved your ultimate goal, you will need new ones because without something to go for, it wont take to long before ultimate boredom, drepsressions and things like that… Just saying.

I might sound negative sometimes, I don’t want people to give up their dreams but be more realistic, it’s very demotivating if you never achieve your goals. That’s why you should be more realistic.

I really do wish everyone here to be successful in the games industrie using Blender.

Yes, start small. That’s all I’m saying. Build a backyard fort out of plywood before trying to build a house.

omg XD soo funny i have done stupid stuff like digging to the other side of the world, makeing a house out of cards that i could live in, makeing huts etc… im not that stupid anymore, i can make all the stuff just i need help to make it all work :smiley:

Lets see a game prop.

this is a simple weird guy thing that i made in like 5 mins


ok, you have a characters skin mesh. Now go rig him ;).

The whole point of all this posts is …
write down a detailed design concept. Your first post is just an incomplete wishlist :).
After you did that (which most likely takes a while) you might be able to estimate the amount of work that you have to do to complete the game. Than revise the design concept until you have a balance between your wishes and the amount of work (assuming your goal is to finish the game).

After you have done that detail it with an implementation concept, where you write down your ideas how to do each single thing from the design concept. If you don’t know write down questions, try to get these questions answered (e.g. ask here). Try to find alternative ways for implementation (remember it is just paper right now).

You do not need to implement things that are not in the design concept (or you need to change it).
You do not need to build thinks into the game that is not in the implementation concept (or you need to change it).

Keeping the design and implementation in head is hard, as

  • you will forget things
  • your thoughts might be infected by others/new ideas (my problem)
  • it is difficult to explain to others / does not work in team very well

This are my thoughts

this is a simple weird guy thing that i made in like 5 mins

Why take only 5 minutes?

Why are you bothering to post something you made in 5 minutes?
Take your time, good characters take more than a week to finish.

ok then ill make a little bit more detaild guy, only this is it will be like realy high poly is all hehe ill post an update of a guy ither tonight or tomoro k :smiley:

also, for my game that i want to make is a very long sortov story thing if anyone wants to read my idea i could right it up just ask k :slight_smile:

ok so i made a new mucle guy quick texture and rig


guy.blend (1.02 MB)

Not bad, find some anatomy books and improve the model.

Finally, this belongs more to the WIP rather than the support forum… moved