Modling Concave Curves for Eye

Hey, I’m attempting to work through the tutorial at:

and I’m having issues modeling the cornea and iris. How would I go about that? Does blender have the equivelent of a lathe editor or anything? Sorry for the newb questions. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks much. (And I kinda need the really basic steps laid out for me.)


just make 2 UV speres, one smaller than the other,…chop off the top of the big sphere, and replace it with a piece of the little sphere. remove doubles, or weld them together by selecting the individual pairs, and using alt-M. I hope this is what you were asking, but it wasn’t entirely clear.

  • Create a sphere for the eyeball. Look at the tutorila images and try to use the same number of segments/rings. Make sure the poles are in line with the eyes later viewing direction.
  • Duplicate it (Alt-D).
  • In edit-mode select all vertices besides those that will form the lense (use border-select B) and delete them.
  • Perform the same on the eyeball, but with inverse selection.
  • Select the center vertice of the lense. Turn on proportional editing (O), switch to smooth falloff. Now move the vertice outwards (adjust prop. ed. range with mousewheel).
  • Copy the lense. Turn it around. Delete center vertice to create the iris.
  • Try this and ask further questions if there are problems that can’t be solved with a little experimentation :wink: