Modo 14 released

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unbevel… have they been looking at Meshmachine? :slight_smile: @MACHIN3


And Unfuse too, and chamfer tapering. But we’ve been there before, see and


edit: why is my smiley so big, ha.

There might be some users un-Modoing and re-blendering… :smiley:

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Unbeveling ?
Oh I might have to look into this…

Meshmachine scares me, too many tools, I personally don’t like add-ons that “do everything”, I prefer add-ons that do this “one thing”, I wonder if there is a single add-on that does this magic unbeveling thing.


Meshmachine doesn’t ‘do everything’. It just puts probably the most important direct modelling features in your hand. I see it as blenders basic modelling tools as ones arm, and meshmachine the hand. It can be overwhelming but the more you use it the more you realise its worth. Just my 2 pence.

Modo was my main modelling tool until I switched to blender, the first thing I grabbed was meshmachine. Each to their own I guess. I just wanted to shine a little light on what I consider a ‘must’ addon for anyone who has modo interest in mind.


Thank you for explaining it so elegantly.

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If you take a look at the sidebar in the docs, the features/tools are neatly grouped into sets. Maybe stick to one group, before exploring the rest of the toolset.

Response to this release on the Modo forum is mixed, even though there are a few nice looking usability features here.

Though it was said that Modo is another one of those apps. undergoing some major code rework behind the scenes, and its completion will mean much larger releases. The one issue though is that you have to keep paying by the month to even use Modo until it is done, providing it has the major impact that is being promised. It would be tough to hold out, paying monthly while the company only gives you soundbytes for marketing purposes (unlike Blender’s massive transparency and nightly builds).

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Pretty lackluster release, doesn’t make me want to upgrade from 12. It’s disappoint Foundry release are starting to look like Autodesk release. The entire 13 series was disappointing too, not expecting much from 14.

Still can’t scale the UI, which is important for 4K monitors.

At least they are not putting things like “changed build number to xxxx.xx” in the changelog to make it look bigger (like Newtek is doing), so Modo isn’t in danger of EOL status right now. :wink:

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I’ve been waiting since modo 8 for 4k scaling.
Still nothing to this day.


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Or “dark theme” like listed for C4D, lol.

Modo has a lot of potential, they just need to do one solid good sized update in the right direction.

I like the 14 update, but it’s not enough in the right directions, as many have asserted here and on their forums.

Need that 4k interface, ideally with a little cleanup.

They should also focus on their strength, being modeling. Do a couple solid updates on that to become king once again and then spread out.

I used Modo for a while after AD killes XSI, the one thing that drove me away despite most stuff being really nice in was the lack of proper nodal shading that both Softimage and Blender has. It[s shader tree makes it so hard to to keeping track and management of your materials not to talk about getting a good over view of more complex material once your scene start getting a lite complex. I really love nodal shading, it just works so well. BTW f**k AD for killing XSI.

Just f**k AD in general too.

XSI was the stuff for yeaaaaaars.

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XSI death was comimg one way or another. It wasn’t selling seats, was hemerraging money, and Avid saw the writing on the wall. Avid closed the business after the sale. Adesk were happy to pick the bones for tech. They never had any intention of developing it.

It’s a shame that XSI was not selling seats, as it did appear to be the most advanced general DCC app. in existence. Had it kept going, the BF might’ve never had the money to do a big 2.8 push because the commercial world would still be pumping out innovation. Instead, Blender 2020 could’ve still seen a core team of just a few part time guys.

‘The commercial world’ (whatever that is supposed to mean) very much is ‘pumping out innovation’.
Just not Autodesk, and maybe neither Foundry. But look at Houdini and tell me with a straight face they’re stagnating.
After all, it probably isn’t quite as much ‘us’ versus ‘them’ as you want to think, Ace. I don’t think the BF’s current success has anything whatsoever to do with the fate of XSI.

greetings, Kologe

Yes, I do agree that Houdini continues to bring innovation. What I was meaning though is that the competition among commercial DCC vendors is not near as robust as it used to be, what I am suggesting is that a very healthy XSI under its original owner would continue to give a strong incentive for all vendors to pour money into R&D and general development (as it was near or at the top of the field in everything from modeling to VFX and even in value).

Houdini is great for doing things you just can’t do in any other app, but comments in other forums suggest you wouldn’t pick it up with the intent to bang out traditional scenes quickly.