Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender and more (2.80 / 2.79)


Modo-Me add-on tries to mimick some of the interface elements and functionalities from Modo in Blender.

At the moment the main goal is to get the Modo action centers to be represented reasonably in Blender 2.79 and 2.80 via an accessible menu.

Since these two applications work with different concepts in many levels, it is not fully possible to match all such functionalities one to one, however it is possible to replicate some of the Modo’s loved usability ideas to Blender.

This is the initial release, and more features will be added later if the add-on gets some traction and some user interaction. However please do not expect all of your Modo stuff to be implemented faithfully with this add-on.

This add-on works both in object and edit mode.

I will probably end up rethinking most of this add-on for 2.8, because the cursor also has rotation in 2.8 branch, which means that emulating Modo’s workplanes and rules will be easier to implement. So more to come.

You can grab it from here

And here
Blender Market

Who is this for?

  • You are coming from Modo and you just miss your action centers

  • You want to have a more organized way of setting transformation centers and axis.

  • You are just curious to see why people brag about action centers and you do not want to spend lot of money on Modo to find it out

Release Updates


(See the v1.1.GIF for the changes)

  • Parent action center now respects the actual rotation axis of the parent
  • Pivot with Parent axis now respects the parent axis
  • Selection center offset bug fixed. It was not taking world matrix into consideration
  • Some other optimizations
V1.2 (Initial 2.80 support)
  • This release now supports 2.80 and 2.79 together. This was a major refactoring since the 3d viewport got the one of most API changes
  • Added a new cursor action center (see the screenshot)
  • Some improvements in the logic

  • [New Feature] Now the user can choose to have the manipulators to be enabled always, which should make it more feel like Modo’s transform tools
  • This release is the proper release that deals with both version of Blender



  • [New Feature] Custom pivot point. This will add a new .PIVOT empty and use it for reference. If it does not exits it will create it. Use .PIVOT liberally as you wish
  • [New Feature] Pivot center with World Axis
  • Fixed the add-on registry issues that was especially an issue in Blender 2.79b release which uses Python 3.5
  • Fixed better parent handling


  • Recent API update broke the addon. This is now fixed
  • No more class annotations related warnings


  • API fix
  • Annotations fix again



  • [FIX] Fix Custom location center


  • Fix Custom Location center errors
  • Added Tweak mode for the Element action
  • Cursor action now uses the Cursor rotation for the transform axis


  • [NEW] Modo-Me menu now can be accessed from the Toolbar Header menu.
  • [NEW] There is now a new section for tools
  • [NEW] Element Edit and Element Edit with FallOff (Tweak modes)
  • [BETA] The Element Action now relies on the last selected component


Here are some demos of 1.30 release

Custom Pivot

Pivot World Axis


  • Either uncompress the provided zip yo your ad-dons folder or use “Install add-n from File” in the “Add-ons” tab in your preferences window.

  • Once the install need to assign a shortcut for it. This is done by putting the values in the “Input” section of Blender Preferences. See the image below.

Keymap Setting

I recommend Shift-Alt-Q as your shortcut for this menu as I found it to be very much accessible.

Find the 3D View generic under 3D View

First Add New then put the values below as seen in the pic. Assign the shortcut as seen in the picture. Here I have choose Shift-Alt-Q to call the Action Centers menu

Put wm.call_menu at the top left box in the new keymap area, once done the bottom box will open up. And paste object.modoactioncenters into the box that is on the right side (one that is with Name:)

How to Use

Once you install and assign your shortcut properly, all you do is to press your shortcut to call the menu. From there choose the functionality you want.

  • One of the main different between Modo-Me and the Modo action centers is that there is no left click to put the operation center and drag if you are using Left click to select mode in Blender. Therefor in ‘Automatic’ mode you will use right click to relocate the operation center and left click to operate.

  • If you are using Right click to select then relocating the center is much more easy (done by RClick) however you will loose ability to drag the transformation. So you need to pick your battle in that front, this is how Blender operates fundamentally. Blender cursor has to be located with one and operated with the other.


Sample demonstration of the addon

v1.1.GIF (with the new parent and selection modes, updated pivots)


Can you explain what this addon offers and how to use it for someone not familiar with Action Centers and their use at all?

Hi @obsurveyor

Thanks for asking. The addon is mainly geared towards Modo expats (hence the terminology) but it is very useful for the regular Blender user as well, at least that is my take on it.

I added a sample .gif in the original post.

Basically this add-on makes setting “center” of action easier based on the original Modo’s concept. However these apps work differently so it is not easy to match all the original ideas back in Blender.

I will add more features to it and refine it more as I go. Like better edit mode and object mode differentiation for these modes. And maybe even convert it to a modal operator of its own

Thanks, that GIF is perfect.

I can see this being useful, never having used Modo but is it only gizmo based or does it(will it?) support traditional g/s/r hotkey based transformation?

Well the gizmo is there to show what is going on, also a Modo user is nobody without a gizmo :slight_smile:

The addon does not activate the gizmo, but that is something I contemplated.

That aside, the addon sets Blender’s properties so it is compatiple with whatever tool is relying on the current pivot and the orientation stuff.

Btw forgot to mention, in some instances it also sets rotation axis, so the idea is not just the center of transformations.

2.8 offers rotation with 3d Cursor, so the addon should be able to take that into consideration whe I release the 2.8 version soon.

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One last thing: I saw your post in the thread that spawned this but I think you’ve forgotten to include the gumroad link in the first post. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful is not it. I think I was unwillingly teasing. Thanks for letting me know, fixed now.

V1.1 with new updates and fixes, see the first poar for the release notes.



By the way, maybe you can add a Rhino feature I use every day:

Click on any of these arrows to popup an edit window. Enter a value to move the object or selection.

Such a function would make my work much more faster :slight_smile:


That sounds like a good idea and why not.

Meanwhile enjoy just typing numbers while you are doing any kind of transformation in Blender :slight_smile:

Press g(r(s)) [x,y,z], and start typing some numbers, even fractions

However it is good to have a typebox for sure, I will consider it,

Ha, thank you kkar,

old dogs muscle memory versus ‘new’ tricks, you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I actually like the idea. There could be even checkboxes for local/world/absolute/relative type thing.

2.80 is here!

V1.2 (Initial 2.80 support)
  • This release now supports 2.80 and 2.79 together. This was a major refactoring since the 3d viewport got the one of most API changes
  • Added a new cursor action center (see the screenshot)
  • Some improvements in the logic

If you are one of the supporters and have issues with downloading the new version, please let me know.


I tried to download via Blendermarket but it seems like it dosen’t work:


This is what blender installed via the zip file from blendermarket:


Sorry about the issue you are having. The files look fine.

Couple questions.

  • Can you please tell me the exact full location path of the intalled addon (under Blender profile folder
  • Did you enable the addon? (it needs to be enabled)
  • What platform are you on?
  • What version of Blender are you using?

You can just pm your answers, we take it from there. No worries it will work.

Edit: I was trying to avoid making separate releases for 2.79 and 2.80. I guess my solution broke fresh installs.

@Shiv0r please try the fixed version and let us know if you are able to use it without issues

It works now! Thank you for the fast support!

Thank you for getting it working with 2.80! Giving it a go now :slight_smile:

We have a new update with some internal refactoring and a new feature.

You can now enable the transform gizmos by default when any of the action centers are set from the menu. It is off by default, because that could drive regular Blender users crazy :slight_smile:

Please treat this as beta release, and download the new files from Gumroad/Blender Market please.


  • [New Feature] Now the user can choose to have the manipulators to be enabled always, which should make it more feel like Modo’s transform tools
  • This release is the proper release that deals with both version of Blender




This is a great addition to the Blender toolset! Greatly simplifies the orientation/pivot selection and makes this ex-modo user much more comfortable modeling in Blender. One questio: is there any difference between Selection and Element modes? I know what the difference was in Modo, but it doesn’t seem to replicate the behavior here. Thanks again for making this!


I am glad it is helpful to you. Did you also see that you can make the gizmo enabled at all times (in the add-on preferences) when you fire a mode with the add-on?

Not sure if you were able to read the add-on’s details but it is not really fully mirror Modo stuff in Blender but I am trying to make it as similar as possible. Element/selection is one of them. I will try to refine some of that stuff in the upcoming releases.