Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender, Smart Action Centers and Axis Management

Is mouse action center supported?

That depends on the mouse selection mode you use. If you use the right selection mode it feels more like Modo’s click action center. You use shift-right click to center the gizmo with the left click selection mode given that is already taken and shift right click is Blender’s default.


Where are the Modo-Me preferences?

I used to use Modo and love the idea of this plug-in but unfortunately can’t get the hang of it.

(I purchased it from BlenderMarket)

Blender 2.93.1
macOS 11.6


The add-on is not for turning Blender into Modo. It is trying to adapt some of the aligning and centering methods from Modo, but not necessarily all of them. I personally use it daily and find it useful. It would be helpful if you could give me couple usage examples where the add-on does not meet your expectations.

The Blender Market offers refunds if you are not satisfied with it. If they do not offer it, please contact me I will refund the amount.

I will take a look at the preferences issue. I have not used it since I set it up, and frequent API changes breaks add-on sometimes.

Yes, I understand and I wasn’t looking for a version of Modo. I just hoped the plug-in would be a more intuitive way to use Transform Orientations and possibly the 3D Cursor.

I think I get it now - Modo-Me is a fast way to set the origin and gizmo ready for transform.

I use Left Select. The first thing I tried, and where I got lost, was using Automatic then placing the 3D Cursor using Shift Right-Click (and Control to Snap). This would sometimes take a couple of clicks, turning Project onto Self / Align Rotation to Target and changing the Transform Orientation of the Cursor, to get the centre and axis I wanted.

Which then seemed to defeat the purpose of the tool.

A small thing that confused me was toggling Gizmos off but the toggle would sometimes not turn them back on?

I used Modo for many years but quite a while ago. I used Maya for a year and a half just before I moved to Blender in 2017, so I think the tool I wanted was to be able to move and snap the transform origin using something like the ‘D’ key.

I have found something called Friendly Pivot which seems to use this toolset so I might try it.

Sorry for the vagueness and thanks for your support.

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I do not get those glitches myself. Is this something you were trying to do basically?

Modo-Me never changes or messes with the pivot. Its function is only to let the user find a better orientation and location for the transform tools.

I recommend that you try other options beside the automatic one. Modo-Me sometimes rely on the cursor since it is very convenient to use it. Some other options rely on other methods or combination of some other methods and the cursor together.

You do make it look easy, I’m not saying it’s not, I just don’t know why it didn’t work for me.

I think it might have been looking at the menu options and not fully remembering their features.

I have been playing only briefly with the other tool and it is doing just what I was looking for which is - click to select an axis and click to select an origin (3D Cursor or Origin) with some options for each.

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Please let me know if you have questions or usage issues with it.

I started using Modo in like 2003. It is still a great program, the render engine and the shading system in someways are superior to Blender. In any case, Blender can be a great companion to Modo in many ways.

This add-on is here to make the transition easier for the users who are coming from Modo with the basics like the action centers. By default, Blender’s gizmo centers and axis controls can be quite convoluted for people coming from applications like Modo.