Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender, Smart Action Centers and Axis Management

I never had that issue to be honest but I had other issues around Gizmo. That does not sound like a Gizmo enable disable issue. Can you make sure these are enabled if you have the issue with the current version.?


I changed the way gizmo is toggled in the new version. Can you try it please?

There are couple places that gizmo is handled in Blender so it is a bit of confusing still.

Hi, do you think you can add …move in 2 axis based on the viewport position…just like in modo.

Would be good if we could assign shortcuts to the Action Centers, it is faster than using the pie menu.

Another idea would be having the 3D cursor constantly changing position following the elements that are selected. Just like the gizmo. Do you think it’s possible? So in this way people that don’t want to use the gizmo have a visual reference of what is happening with the Action Centers.

Thank you

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Hi, do you think you can add …move in 2 axis based on the viewport position…just like in modo.

Did you try the screen mode?

Would be good if we could assign shortcuts to the Action Centers, it is faster than using the pie menu.

All those functions should be keyable. I will try to write a how to at some point.

Another idea would be having the 3D cursor constantly changing position following the elements that are selected. Just like the gizmo. Do you think it’s possible?

It might be possible, depends on the performance hit. I will take a look at it. I am also thinking to implement a custom gizmo for these tools.

He wants to move in world space along 2 axes, but have those 2 axes determined automatically based on the view orientation.
Definitely doable, I did the same for my align tools, see


I’ve been using this addon for a long time now and find it mandatory.

One thing I’ve always wondered is what the intention of “Automatic” is? I always assumed it would work based on my selection (kinda like it’s automatically changing based on things I select) but it seems to only just follow the cursor.

Yes, that is what I meant. It would be very useful to have that feature somehow. Someone did with the workplane addon but it’s not compatible with the latest version of blender.

Also having a workplane in general would be a good idea. I never used the workplane in modo because modo has a good action center/pivot system but I doubt blender can have that at the moment…so having a workplane would solve the issue of modelling meshes that are at an ange and not aligned to the world axes.

Following the cursor makes sense if you have left click set to positioning the cursor (right click mode) old school way (like being able to change the transform origin with left click in Modo). It is hard to make it consistent since there are both left and right click ways which are fundementally different behaviors in Blender, and some Blender functionality might be crippled depending on your mouse click choice. I designed that portion when Modo-Me worked both in 2.79 and 2.80 Now that 2.79 is out of the picture, I can maybe reconsider other ways and try to adapt to the left and the right click system independently.

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This is what the Automatic looks like for me (only posting this in the event that mine behaves differently because of my modified keymapping. I have the cursor placement bound to Shift + Middle Mouse.

I guess I just always imagined that the “Automatic” part of it meant that it would intelligently follow things. So in this case it’s strange to me that after I move the mesh that the gizmo doesn’t follow the mesh but is stuck where the cursor is. Maybe this isn’t how it’s intended and it’s just a result of my keymapping.

Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Yes that is not unintentional. if you have the right click mode or left click mode with shift+left click (to position the cursor interactively) in Blender, this is how the automatic behaves in Modo. You would need to press “w” to reposition the translate gizmo to selected in Modo. For instance you can click on an area with left click to position the gizmo to the click location in Modo, unless that has changed in recent versions.

The right click mode with automatic feels like the Modo version, however the left click mode requires additional combo.

If you want that kind of automatic, you can try selection or element mode.

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there is a problem with the action centre set to selection it seems it’s off and it doesn’t align properly


it would be also good to have something that replace the gizmo for people that don’t want to use the gizmo but want to se what’s happening with the action centre. something similar to the one in machin3tool.

It would be good if we could have a tool that allows us to rotate the center of the object based on the normal of the selected element (just like in modo).

I am surprised that there is no way to do that in blender.

it would be great if you provided a Modo example for your posts too … because I’m a Modo user and don’t understand a bit what you are explaining … this is about the last post

Figured it out what you meant, I think, this what you looking for.
Strange behavior for 3D Cursor this is usually for blender when origin is in random rotation, may be it will be fixed when developers fix calculating Normals.

P.S. sorry for not Modo-Me addon usage in video

No, I am not talking about the cursor, I meant moving the center and aligning it to an element…here is a video:

You can use
Object - Set Origin - Origin to 3D Cursor
but as you can see on video below, 3D Cursor can’t figure out Normals correctly when origin in random rotation

but when you setup 3D Cursor somehow properly and use “Origin to 3D Cursor” it just move to that position and did not copy rotations…
May be I forgot something to do…need gurus help, or it can’t be done without custom addon for this specific purposes.
Found this
but think they went in wrong direction there…

For simple move Pivot to Selection you can use this, but it just move and did not affect rotation or normals

P.S. and again sorry for offtop, may be it better to move this discussion to another topic.

Aligning to selection is mostly a Blender issue, although I coded couple custom methods in there to ease the issue especially with the component mode.

For now the best way is to use the component mode to align it the way you want then set your selection again. Lets say you have a a complex selection and you want it to align to one of edges or a polygon, select that first then use the component mode (this does not exist in Modo but in Modo-Me), then back to edit mode, then do your real selection. I will add an option to keep the component mode in edit mode.

I realize that is a drag a bit but the thing is finding good alignment for arbitrary shapes (the shape of a whole selection) is not an easy issue. Because figuring out a pleasing angle that consitutes the direction is the issue here. This will be resolved over time hopefully.

For some of that functionality you might want to check out my Originie add-on.

There is also a bounding box option (at the bottom of the menu atm) in Modo-Me, for positioning the cursor to bounding faces of the volume. It does not consider the selection for now, something I can add later.

Having used Modo a while ago and recently missing the ability to easily pick action centres and axis for transforms, this might be just what I’m looking for.

What is the difference between this add-on and your Originie Pivot Transform add-on?



The Originie add-on is only concerned about the actual pivot of the object, and has couple additional helpful functions. On the other hand Modo-Me never modifies the actual pivot/origin of the object and it is all about the action centers as in where the transform gizmo is and how it is oriented.

Basically if you do not want to modify the pivot during operations but still be able to have control over the gizmo then Modo-Me offers bunch of options. However if you need to control where the actual pivot of the object frequently then Originie is the way to go.

Bear in mind that you have an option to make the transform gizmo to respect the pivot (or use it as the center of transforms), in that case Originie can be helpful too.

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