Modo tech preview.

Interesting stuff. One thing I do think should be considered including with the Blender sculpt tools is the display of the alpha of the brush and what the brush is while sizing the brush in the 3D view. I think that could prove pretty useful.

The Blender Sculpt tool (not the python ones) already does that. Available in current CVS version. If you want to try it before 2.43 release, check or

Really. Hmm. I didn’t see that in the build I had…but it is a couple of weeks old. I’ll try a more recent build.

You should have seen them at cgtalk. “Wow thats awesome”, “Cool”, “I need to get this”…
Like every other software got this functionality but when it comes to overpriced software they are all over it.

Mention blender and they’ll cut you to bleed to death.

the alpha is only shown when you resize the brush and only for texture brushes (not the default brush - bug has been reported for default brush).


Of course, hey if you didn’t rob a bank to get it then it isn’t worth it. I hate those pompus pricks sometimes.

Modo… well never used it so I cannot say anything about it, but I do believe that what blenders sculpt tool brings to the table is more than adequate for my needs and those of most people. I was just around at silo’s forum and they too were raving about modos presentation… must have some benefits though if so many people think so highly of it… In anycase I can’t wait to play with the new sculpt tool once 2.43 is released.

Overpriced is a relative term…But yes Blender usually gets brushed off in most discussions over there. 3d sculpting is just the way things are leaning right now for most organic modeling so they were actually smart to release that video with the recent MudBox announcement. I’m sure Luxology will do a good job with their new tech tools since they have done well in the past with their application. They’re probably going to go for the mid range polygon market like Silo 2.0 and Blender. Mudbox and Zbrush 2.5 are more then likely going to rule the high polygon market for 3d sculpting. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on Mudbox…

Luxology does a great job at integrating and designing their tools and interfaces and their sculpt tool is well done. Something neat and unique about blenders sculpt tool is that you can use procedural images for sculpting which isn’t available in any other sculpting tool that I’m aware of.

Blenders sculpting tool is quite good and Nick should be proud of himself. Nick and others have thoughts and ideas for improving the polycount it can handle so we might well become a high end sculpting tool also (right now we are comparable to Silo 2, Hexagon 2, and ZBrush 1.5) - perhaps before ZBrush 2.5 is out :slight_smile:

If we get the improved polycount and some additional advanced features and round out our core features a bit more (Mudboxs layers and local subdivision; Silos/ZBrushes curve based editing of the falloff tool; ZBrush masking; Modo stenciling) we could easily gain a big chunk of the sculpting market.


Well I could see the same reaction (if not stronger) if people were advertising Modo in a thread about Blender. Those comments were a bit off-topic.

We’ll have our day in the sun when 2.43 is released, don’t you worry :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t come off sounding like I wasn’t interested in Blenders tool. It was late when I posted hehe. The procedural sculpting tools would be fantastic, I was not aware that the feature was there. I think if Blender does handle polygon counts higher then say Silo or Hexagon then it’ll be a winner. I’m still sure I’ll get Mudbox at some point just because I’m a fan of modeling applications so I like to try them all. :slight_smile: I’m not married to my software, different tools for different jobs as they say.

Thats a Tech preview, Modo has done some nice work on making it more user friendly. I tried the sculpt in blender and its coming along nicely and side with LetterRip

I can’t view the video, but from the reactions it looks like they’ll have good sculpting tools.

When Blender 2.43 comes out and the thread at CGtalk is posted we may get some of those same responces. Blender’s sculpting tools sound pretty good despite just one person doing all the coding.

the reason they get all that hype is due to the way they market thmeselves. I think that last release blender was pretty good at showing the new featuers, but if for enxt release they had people make screencast like that then Blender would ge tthe same hype.

It the Uiwwww Ill say it again , they spend time on the UI, We dont have that luxury since no one gets paid or no one wiill address it or there is just not time or whatever… Modo gets so much fan fair cause the UI is ssooooooo customizeable down to the button. Which in turn presents such a fast work flow. But more things like making sure things work perfectly is another power they have.

Example, Instant constant render, Sure we have this but its half baked, it deos not work unless you hide it and show it or change the view. While Modo and cinema and Softimage have theirs, but it just works right out of the box constantly as it should.

Blender might get this and that one day but till then it’s alien to most.

Not really very close on my system. With the updates to the OGL code suggested at the Blender Conference maybe but, on my system Silo seriously outperforms Blender. Can’t comment about the others though.

I think what Nick has done though is great.

As for Lux/Modo… The strength that sculpting in Modo is going to have is the integration with the tool pipe. Every tool in Modo pretty much has access to all the same options… I imagine at some point, someone will even try sculpting with instances.

Agree with this. Improved polycount is a must. Also the Layers and Local Subdivision. To be able to subdivide a simple mesh only in the regions where I want to add more details and to not sudivide the entire mesh will be really great! Maybe also the mesh extraction (ZB 2.5 feature)?

I find the masking tools in programs like Zbrush & Sharpconstruct to be very useful and wonder why Nick didn’t create such a tool in Blender’s sculptmode. It’s perfect for creating things like teeth or fins, where you can mask off parts that shouldn’t be modified and just push or pull without being too precise.

i’ve never in my life had anyone judge blender when there is “good” work being shown.