Modo VS Blender

I make This Image In 30 min Just for Fun . :evilgrin:


OH NO!!! Not another one! We’ve already had too many “Blender vs. whatever” threads. They only lead to garbage and take up too much bandwidth. Even if this is just an image, the thread will go the same way if left too long.

And since that has been said: new topic:
The use of bold, italics and underline!

Shouldn’t this be in “FINISHED PROJECTS”?

… or maybe traditional?

Modo is evil proprietary software! It does not configurate with mine linux or solaris boxen!

It took you 30 minutes to make that?

i can’t believe how easy it is to drag some people to that discussion

Sorry, duplipost

I have no idea what Modo is like but depicting it as a helpless worm only makes me feel sorry for it.

You guys are off-topic! Don’t talk about things that get threads locked already!
bold, italics and underline

My favorite is bold because it’s easiest to see. Also, does anyone know what font our posts are in? I assume it’s Arial ( Helvetica, as Mac People call it… ) but I’m not sure.

I was being sarcastic, I use Windows.

Hoh SH** no way!
I hope this don`t mean 3D war platforms vie comics!
@Civx, Dude bad karma! what will be your next thread be … ?! :confused:
you out there Look-out! the platforms users will answer back! (hope not)

Edit: Some one will not be happy with this and you know WHO! :stuck_out_tongue: