modeling a reference image what would be a goo mesh to start off with and could you give me some tips?

Try modelling some simple (geometrically), f.x. a glass, a candle holder, and so. Then go to more complex models like a computer mouse, a mobile phone, some furniture and so on. When you want to model from reference images, you might use Blenders ‘background image function’ (view -> background image).

You have maybe seen screenshots from 3d Studio Max, where there are two planes with reference images. If you want to model a car, there may be a plane with an image texture, the front of the car, and a plane with the side of the car. You might have some problems doing this i Blender (therefore I recommend to use the ‘viewport background image’-trick), but it is actually possible.

If you make the two planes, perpendicular to each other, and give each of them a material. Load an image texture. Press F, (face select mode) and select the image in the UV/image-editor. Now in the viewport press alt+z, and the planes will show the textures. For the mesh you are modelling, you now have to activate the ‘wire’ drawtype in the Object -> Draw menu. Then it will work exactly as in 3ds max. I prefer using viewport background image though - just remember the scaling and the position.

Hope it helps =)