modular architecture tests, sci fi shantytown

so i am working on a sortof flowing down a mountain shantytown complex thingy on stilts.

time to learn how to do modular architecture effectively…

started with this …

then i made a few pieces for the walls and grabbed some roofing and stilts from another model and got this. once i did this i placed empty mesh objects where the walls should be so i can easily swap mesh datablocks around.

now its just a matter of building it up and seeing where it goes…

some definate problems i have so far :

making sure everything stays on grid… this one is by far the hardest any tips on this would be great.

making sure to have everything be linked instead of duplicated, often times it is just not clear enough when doing this type of modelling. maybe i will just be more ontop of it the more i do it though?

its very easy to delete walls its a whole other thing to make sure you can add a wall back later… this is solved pretty easily though by just replacing the mesh datablock with an emptymesh datablock.

anyways those are the two biggest problems. theres also the possibility of having the tri count go through the roof hopefully i can keep that one under control !

How about putting various objects (modules) on different layers so that you can select them more easily. Ar ethey designed as a regualr square or obloid (2:1 ratio?) perhaps when you duplicate one it would be a simple matter of moving them x units left right/ up down through key entry (rather than drag drop)… Looks good tho’so i guess you are probably doing this stuff already.

Greeble at the end, but textures are your friend to get that variety in there.

I did something similar using groups. I kept everything multiples of the grid and used grid snap.

so ive been a bit stuck on where to go with this until i saw this image…

so i think i will go for this sortof configuration … heres the first test without any of the nice curved roofing or support collumns … hopefully tonight i will get those in …

This is a great project and I am green with envy.

Put the insertion point in the corner of each module, so that is snaps to the grid properly. Then change your grid spacing in the “View Properties” panel to something that works for you.

Keep your modules in a separate blend file. Descriptively name your groups. Your main blend file should only be for assembly of modules, and should only contain groups, as far as the modular building system is concerned, it can contain terrain and other things, certainly.

In any event, here are some ideas for the idea bucket:

It might be fun to designate the function of each module. How might an agricultural module differ from an worship space, or a robot factory.

The pictures you’ve posted so far look like they might be great fun to walk around in. Any plans for that in the B.G.E.?

May write a script that grows the building clusters? All it would need to know is the grid modules and where the connectors are. Kind of a Conway’s Game of Life thing.

really quick boredom render before i start working on the hard stuff :slight_smile:

also with this render i did a test with ao and without ao … with ao it was basically just lighter and took about 5 times longer to render atleast… so no more ao for now :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply astroman pete, to answer a few questions…

ive gotten much better with the grid… the only thing that is truly on grid is the main skeleton … before i had its dimensions at a weird number so i just set it 12 x 4 x 4 bu’s so now it grids up just fine.

i wish i could be as organized as the rest of you guys, i have a few blend files i work on but im constantly making things single user so i can tweak something that i usually just append and dont link. also i dont really use groups very much yet, what i do atm is have things parented to the main skeleton and then switch out mesh datablocks as need be … at the very end i sometimes will delete objects all together but i usually hesitate right there a bit since you never know if you will want a wall there for gameplay reasons.

one thing i should probably do with that is simply have an empty mesh datablock … gah i keep forgetting to add that one :wink:

anyways ive also thought a bit about modules, and well im still thinking about that part … i do however have one module but i definately need more … mostly though different modules will be characterized by what is inside the area… so yeah still thinking on how best to do that one.

i am planning to put this in a game i am slowly working on called darkwar. i am the only artist and frankly i suck at environment modelling but its a blessing in disguise because i am forced to learn everything :slight_smile:

i would love to write a script to do this, unfortunately i am an artist not a python coder… one day maybe after all this art making i will get some time to learn it :slight_smile: and yeah a game of life sim would work for making compelling configurations i bet.

thanks again ,

soooo started to add the finer details. also filled out a few places but i doubt anyone would notice…

another angle … and more playing with sky settings hehe

heres a few ingame screenshots of the whole mess …

i will probably have to redo the whole thing because upon throwing it ingame there are a lot of slight errors that apparently happend along the way in terms of things being slightly missaligned … but its alright this first one was a test anyways.

and one last shot …

I love the first low angle look up (blue sky). Great shapes and drama. Just the reflection of the ground suggests so much. I would (humbly) suggest possibly adding some drooping power cables that hang between layers?