Modular industrial hall

Hello dear Blender community,

time has passed very quickly. Because of the Corona virus I need to concentrate on my professional expertises product and architecture visualisations. At the moment I’m modeling a modular industrial hall which I can use for future orders.

My Intention is to build one or two modules which I can array with a length x. Enclosed you can find the solid model, the wireframe and my first texturings.

If you have advices or critique, I would be happy if you could comment.

With best regards Cloud

Hello there,

a little update of my 3D model “Modular industrial hall”. At the moment I’m working on the crane. What do you think about my topology and the models in generel?

Thanks in advance for feedback.

Best regards


Greetings :-),

enclosed you will find my actual crane model of the “Modular industrial hall”.

At the moment I have problems with a PNG I want to put on another shader. For the “white bar” (lift capability) it worked just fine with alpha channel. But the warning sign of the electric box won’t work the same way. In Eevee its shown fine but in Cycles it won’t work. But I’m rendering with Optix Cycles. Can somebody please help me? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

With best regards.



You’re wanting the gray box to be solid, rather than having a clear face with the warning sign hanging in the air?
Have you tried feeding the alpha channel into the factor input of the MixShader?

Hallo Steah,

yeah, the body should have the grey plastic shader while on the top there is the triangular warning sign. Thanks for your quick respond. That was the trick! I appreciate your help.

With best regards Cloud.