Modular Medieval City Set for UE4/Unity

(Asserius) #1

(Asserius) #2

Working on pieces to fit everything together. The roof pieces are up next.

(Asserius) #3

Current daub wall set (+ Unity)

(Dicon) #4

I like the texturing on the daube and look forwards to seeing more.

(Asserius) #5

The current house pieces, rendered in Unity.

(Asserius) #6

reworking wood textures to appear much more worn/weather exposed.

(Asserius) #7

Was away for most of the week and didn’t get to work much further, but nevertheless, this is the current state of the assets.

(Asserius) #8

The base wooden wall is complete.

All pieces made so far.

(Asserius) #9

An alternate version of the original daub texture. A version with some exposed wattle will be added to the collection later.