Modular multiplayer networking system WIP

It has been a while since i said I would make an easy multiplayer system for Blender games and now I am halfway there.

Here is a link to a script that allows a dictionary object that can contain player and client information, for example, to be encoded and decoded to and from bytes in order to be sent over the air. The format is very compact, modular, and efficient for use in networking. But please, if you can think of ways to improve the format, let me know.

Here is that link:
one more thing, that script uses the struct lib. Refer to to properly format your data (line 4 of the script)

My next step will be to integrate this both client and server-sided and then to get them to communicate :slight_smile:

And one final thing. My computer will be available for hosting games either for free or for a small price if integrated. I have 100mbps internet


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