Modular sandbox environment base "chunk"

This, is the “core” of a built item, It’s not done, but the concept is there,

touching “power” to a terminal causes its corresponding terminal to spawn a flag,

now I need to set up the “components” to relay etc info and power :slight_smile:

I could REALLY use some help here


ComponentCube.blend (597 KB)

Could some one help me write a python that “links” the faces?
if this face has the same material and there are only two faces on the object,
any “flag” that touches the face spawns a “flag” on the other corresponding face?

or vertex groups or names, just some method to label “contact terminals” to pass a list of flags, power, data socket (assigns a copy property location), Display(in game debug data), and potentially more…

Hmm, I strongly recommend you to take the time to elaborate your explanations! I need to read at least twice or trice to start understanding what you mean…
Also, your blend is kind of a mess, I can’t see the logic bricks, and don’t know why the cube is not at the origin…(oh well might be my version of blender).
Maybe you should have something operational first before asking for something in a “hard to get” way! Is it a WIP? Is it part of your game(since you are building an assembling game!?)

it’s a chunk, that could add up to much more then my game,
these represent a real world thing I am also working on, called Anti-Rep-Rap
by “voxelizing” a system, you can dissolve. and rebuild it,

these can pass data in the form of current, and can be assembled like legos using very strong dissolvable solvents, and power,

add in some other cubes (a pixel for instance) (a antenna) a field coil etc, and these “components” in my game may one day represent real world pieces,
basically I am writing a sci-fi game in order to make it happen :slight_smile:

it’s a chunk, that could add up to much more then my game,
these represent a real world thing I am also working on, called Anti-Rep-Rap

You’ll be more efficient if you focus your efforts in one project!

by “voxelizing” a system, you can dissolve. and rebuild it,

these can pass data in the form of current, and can be assembled like legos using very strong dissolvable solvents, and power,

I have no idea of what this means…
Make a draft of your ideas, and show it to me!

…represent real world pieces, … I am writing a sci-fi game in order to make it happen

A sci-fi to make things happen in real life? Now I’m lost!

this but much much smaller “chunks”

I already have,

if i understand right, you make the model, you post it here, and you want US to make it work for you?

already does, what I want is the whole system, which requires coding, engineering and chemistry for now, I just need to pass “power” and “Target” and I can get that done, what I need help with is a script to take existing diagrams and break them into voxel :slight_smile:
notice the flag spinning? notice the others spawning? what I need is more like help understanding it all, as again, it is a Bigger project then any one person

Build-----Dissolve-------Sort---------rebuild/upgrade/recycle directly

Ok, here is a little bit more…

these items do things when “powered”

so to re-iterate

this passes collision flags, in this one only “power”

So a terminal contact Face, that is hit with power, will spawn the same flag, on the other corresponding face,

this way, you can have “wires” and “gates” and “switches” and “remote commands”

in this scene

I have a “gun”

A motor

a linear motor

the idea, any side can send a message to the other 5,
so 5 terminals * 6 = 30 contacts

now the hard part, designing everything…

besides the components, there needs to be jumpers, Com channel antenna, a system to nullify gravity for each component(anti gravity beam/field effect), as well as a system to pass vectors and target keys through a system, as well as the ability for a “controller” for enemy robotics to snap onto a block, with a sensor and a weapon and a mode of transport, and understand it’s own capabilities, based on the availible component motions/attacks etc.

this is only the begining, but I know this project can be great

next I will add the antenna with a switchable com channel,


ComponentCube.blend (666 KB)

This idea that I have, besides adding dynamic neighbor interactions to a “minecraft” style game,

this could eventually represent complex electrical / data manipulation circuits,

it’s almost like each cube is a python programmable logic node, with multiple connection sockets,

(added Com channel 1 and a repeater and an "receivers’ guts)


ComponentCube.blend (714 KB)

what I need help with is a script to take existing diagrams and break them into voxel

This is what I don’t get…

Plus, define :
Build-----Dissolve-------Sort---------rebuild/upgrade/recycle directly
Give a clear description of our system, what it should do and how, without jargon (I’m no sure it’s the right one), please!

So, you won’t download the .blend, or click the video, or go to the web page, so I guess I will explain it in detail here

Using Vacuum lithography/chemical deposition sputtering grow micro cubes, that are generic building blocks for “printing” electronics and robotics etc,

these cubes are adhered togther with a dissolvable adhesive with a target solvent so

Rep-Rap->Printing 3d objects
My Rep-Rap->Printing electronics
Anti-Rep-Rap ->Dissolving old 3d objects to print new electronics

So this cube, is not representative of printing cubes, as each one is like a logic gate, (think of the input device components as “sensors” and the Cubes as “Controllers” and the effect components as armatures…
Now imagine one cube can represent an entire process, that is like a stand alone logic brick…


and be a little more zen…

and in game, think 3d dynamic minecraft with 6dof items and rigid bodies,
basically a ubber sandbox game made of components that can be controlled by using com channels( keypress buttons to initiate/control your stuff) as well as enemy AI’s controlling things as well, and 3d control componets as well, like a steering wheel and linked to a linear servo, to steer, and a generic (+ Number readout -) for editing objects properties it is attached to…

@ BluePrintRandom : These folks are trying to help you, I urge you to listen carefully.

Doesn’t mean:

Imagine if Einstein had described E=MC^2 in so few words and expected you just to know the rest, you’d have no idea what it meant more or less use it and apply it. Sometimes it takes pages and pages to adequately qualify and describe a topic or idea. For example: E = MC^2

I’m not saying your topic is as complex, but you really need to put more focus in articulating it if you are serious about getting help. People need to understand what it is they are helping with.

I wish you luck.

Grow tiny cubes, each cube has properties, many cubes = phone

Phone can be broke back into cubes, add new cubes,

print new phone…


Holy crap, this thread is a mess. BluePrint, mate you need to take a little more time to think through what your saying. I have never once had any idea what you are saying in any of your posts. If you are having trouble putting your thoughts in words, then make a video and talk us through what you are doing.

You seem to have good motivation to work on things, maybe you suffer from doing too much at the one time, but thats something you have to deal with. But your manner when presenting ideas to the community is somewhat confusing. You are not rude, just a little difficult to follow. I have seen many of your .blend files posted around the forum and I have never once had the urge to open one of them because you make it incredibly difficult to understand what you are presenting.

I’m sure you a decent guy IRL, just take an extra minute or so to read back through what you are about to post to the forums.

Best of luck man,


I wish I was better with people, sometimes I dumb things down, and it makes people angry, sometimes when I don’t it still makes people angry… it’s not easy…

You are fine with people, no ones angry with you here. I have sometime felt some frustration in your posts when your are finding it hard to describe things, but take that extra moment to try and convey your message. And as I said, if you find it easier talking… then make a video and talk to us.

I used to suffer from social anxieties a couple of years ago and I got past this by talking to a random person once a month, then once every 2 weeks, then every couple of days. Now I have zero social anxieties and all it took was some random conversations with random people to sort my problem. I’m not saying you have social problems, but your ‘I wish I was better with people’ response struck a chord with me. I used to think that every time I even saw another person. Do instead of wish man.

Here’s the issue blueprint. I’m these forums we like to have new ideas and people contributing, but there are certain formalities. Let’s try a list of points that you could try and work on.

  1. you obviously have good intentions, you contribute regularly. But try wording your posts differently. Basic grammar in some ways, full stops and commas help break up sentences, capital letters make it more easy to see the flow of the sentence.
  2. make sure that you explain your ideas fully and then link back to the topic. An average post should be a hundred words or more depending in what you’re writing about. Using bullets and numbers will be helpful.
  3. make sure that you’re not repeating something of you want to post. Always have something new to contribute.
    Best of luck, and sorry for posting off topic

No problem,I am hear for the conversation :slight_smile:

… so hows about bringing this thread back on track and re-wording what this ‘ComponentCube’ is and see if we can make sense of what it is. I think I vaguely know what it is, sounds like some sort voxel type idea, with voxels being combined to make objects and objects can then be separated back into the voxels???