Modular shipping container homes on railway

The main idea of this project is to use abandoned zones as living spaces.

I love trains, and I try to improve my skills in architecture, so :
This scene take place in an unused rail yard where shipping containers are used as modular housing or as common area, and where wagon are used as connection between all this spaces.

I perform this project for my portfolio and for showing some of my modeling skills integrated on architectural projects. I’m autodidact, I eat a lot of tutorials and some personal projects. I would like to progress through the feedbacks of the community. So, if you have any comment for enhance my renders and/or architectural observations, I would be happy to read them.

Here is a render of my actual progress :

A sketch for possible combination of containers :

And some OpenGL renders.

Some noisy and intermediate renders.

I think, I need more windows here…

Not still really detailed, but these images give an idea of the future layout.

Like it! I think Some of those interior renders need more ligth, or not.

See you!

Oh, so that’s what you’re doing with the flatcar. I like the concept.

Thank you PericlesLK and Gumboots. I hadn’t seen your comments previously. It is encouraging.
Today I go back to this project to add it details.

Morning work :

Adding details, adjustment of the lights settings and opening of the window.

I have to do some tests with the denoiser to handle it. There is some dark spots on the white surfaces.

Update of the office :

Little more details, more light and denoiser.