Modular Tree

so 3.2 relises and legasy nodes are not suported anymore so you need to use another geo node tree for leaves

so here are the nodes to recreate the leave scattering


I’m having trouble enabling MTree 4.0.2 in Blender 3.1.2 - I can add the addon to my addon list, but clicking the checkbox to enable it does nothing.
I’m using a Mac (Intel), if that makes any difference.

don’t you think, that Direction attribute is broken? provides strange result

Direction by vgroup works fine:


i just remaked the atribute nodes in feelds and in my test it wasn’t broken

the direction atribute is generated by the mtree addon so idk what other atributes there are

When I convert the tree (branch) to mesh, it loses the UV map. Does someone have any idea how to solve this? I need the UVs. Thanks.

Maybe export it as a fbx mesh without converting to mesh and reimport it?

Steven ray made a updated fork of the addon :

This works for Blender 3.2.

I hope all is well with Maxime. I think he must be very busy with other important stuff. I am hoping he can return to continue dev of Modular tree :pray:

Thanks to Steven ray for the update.


Anyone know how to convert the leaves to mesh. When I apply the modifier, the leaves disappear.

EDIT: No worries. Was using the Mtree Editor instead of geometry nodes. Used the realize instances node and applied the modifier.

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For anyone having uv issues after applying modular tree. U can try this method by @AntoineBagattini here:

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Thank you all!

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so it hase been realy long are you still going to develop mtree?

You probably noticed that the development has been slow for the past couple years,. Most of my focus is on my day job at a tech startup where I lead the R&D, which is quite an endeavor and leaves me too exhausted to do much at the end of the day.

For now, I can’t promise any kind of sustained development on Mtree (and I’m very much ashamed to have abandoned the Unity version), but one sure thing is that I care deeply about Mtree, and when things will become more manageable at my day job (which they should), my efforts will be dedicated to this addon.


It is a great add-on really! It would be a pity to leave it abandoned.


Hi Maxime,
I’ve been a huge fan of Mtree since you first released it. I know I speak for a lot of people in this community in saying that I hope you don’t abandon it. I’ve searched for a better or even equivalent modular tree builder and Mtree is by far the best one. I hope you would be able to continue updating this addon. I really love using it and would love to continue to do so for the years to come for the newer releases of Blender. Please consider your fans who love all the hard work you put in to creating such a powerful tool. Thank you.


Well said! It is a pity for such a great tool to stay abandoned. It would be better making it commercial and selling it in some affordable price than abandoning its development.

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Another vote for this add on to continue in terms of development. As many have said, I’d hate to lose it on future versions. I’d happily pay for the add on, but also understand the daily grind and if you simply don’t have the time to continue working on it.

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Anyone know how to solve the uv stretching that occurs where the branches join the trunk

EDIT: It would be nice if this issue wasn’t there as its always needs to be fixed after tree is finalized. Not too much work but it would be a cool thing if the stretching doesn’t occur. :slightly_smiling_face:

Downloaded the latest version of the Modular Tree. I’m trying to connect it in Blender 2.90
When loading modular_tree_4_0_2_windows.the zip program writes:
Modules Installed (modular_tree) from ‘C:\Users\User\Documents\Blender\’ into ‘C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.90\scripts\addons’
When trying to check the box to connect modular_tree, the program writes:
addon not found: ‘modular_tree’
Who knows how to solve this problem.

the best work around is using a difrent fork of mtree i am curenty using this but even this isn’t perfect becose the mtree nodes also apear in difrent node editors