Modular Tree


(enricoceric) #301

Great result, congrats on the way the script is evolving :wink:

(LazloWoodbine) #302

This looks amazing. Can’t wait for the full release. Thanks for the work ypu are putting in to it.

(lolwel21) #303

That shader looks really good! How flexible is it (in terms of getting different bark textures)?

By the way, you should technically still be able to do a kind of biased cone tracing, especially if the voxels get a bit smaller:
You can treat the ‘density’ of each voxel as a probability/weighting function. Pretty much, treat it as a volumetric absorption. However, I understand that implementing this as a default technique may compromise the realtime interactivity of the model.
If I may, I suggest adding that as a dropdown option for the pruning node (like SSS mode).

As far as the anti-aliasing approach goes, I think some AA on the branch > matrix end would definitely be beneficial, but you can also easily implement a vertical bias for the sampling check as well (I’m honestly not sure how realistic it is, but it’s worth checking 'cause it’s so easy). Pretty much, you add a ‘shadow’ on the lower voxels (increased AA radius when going down).

(Maxime) #304

I finished the procedural tree material. It is a combination of three procedural materials: Bark, wood and moss. Here is the result:

(enricoceric) #305

Wow !
Availability ?
And could you share the settings for this tree ?
Great work

(Maxime) #306

It will be the default material in the upcoming version. The tree was made using that same version, so the setting won’t match with the current one.

close up:

(enricoceric) #307


(burnin) #308

Amazing work continues… :slight_smile:

Do you think it is or would it be possible to define different areas where for example moss is more prominent (as it grows where there’s moist, in shadowed areas)?

(Maxime) #309

Yes, there is a “amount” input that controls, well the amount of moss. In the material I plugged the z value of the normal so that the moss is on top of the branches, but you can put a vertex color data into it :slight_smile:

(lolwel21) #310

Hi, could you do a test/demo of some of the different types of bark you can create with that shader? (redwood, oak, birch, etc.)
It looks really good, btw.

(hris) #311

I see here a really impressive amount of work around script:) Maxime - whole community is waiting for new version of Modular Tree:) Greetings!

(JustinBarrett) #312

@Maxime: This is just ridiculous…could you guestimate when this release will be?.. The new procedural bark is simply great.

I would love to make some trees for my current game with this…baked and simplified ofc.

(Maxime) #313

Thanks everyone, The upcoming version should be ready before the end of the next week.

@lolwel21: here it is

(hris) #314

I can’t believe…looks so good! These barks in connection with geometry will give us unlimited possibilities:) Sky is the limit:)

(burnin) #315


(marcatore) #316

wow wow wow!!
Really good!

(Bernardo) #317

amazing stuff Maxime! It looks really good, looking forward to test the next version! :slight_smile:

(enricoceric) #318

Just downloaded the last version.
Really impressive, the generation is very fast, the tree shapes are very natural and realistic.
And the 4 provided materials are just great.
Will play with the script later on but up to now I find it quite stable.
Wind operator is crashing Blender but I remember you said it wasn’t functional at the moment.
When a material is set to the tree, it is lost after recreation, would be nice to keep it. This said I noticed that a new tree is generated at creation and when auto_update is selected, would be nice to have a refresh to keep the original mesh :wink:
Particle system is not top and will probably require some improvement.
Great work Maxime

(hris) #319

Enrico - where you find last version of Modular Tree with new geometry mode and bark textures? GitHub?

(burnin) #320

reading helps :yes: > page 13, post #258