Modular Tree


(ambi) #341

Hey Maxime. Really cool work! I have a problem when something goes wrong “false node tree” the BuildTree node gets stuck into “press ESC to stop” mode but when I press ESC nothing happens. Is there an easy way to fix this?

(Jaydead) #342

I also had that bug. Managed to solve it by deleting the BuildTree node and adding a new one instead. (Didn’t used auto update after that.)

(Maxime) #343

That’s an issue that has been bothering me for a few days, I am solving it slowly, what you can do for now is to delete the node and replace it by a new one :slight_smile:

(Maxime) #344

The error occurs when you execute operators from other addons right?
Blender seams to not understand that you have selected an object, I don’t know why…

Does this happen with someone else?

(ambi) #345

@Maxime: I changed few bits as a temporary fix: Branch length is min 0.01 to avoid recursion limit crash and BuildTree always shows auto_update so you can easily reset if there are errors.

(hris) #346

I can’t install - after installation I can’t find Modular Tree on addon list:(

(Maxime) #347

Did you install it via the the release page, of the master branch?

(hris) #348

Via release page.

(Maxime) #349

I made a mistake when I made the release, I since edited it with the right file, if you want to be sure you can download it from the master branch and it should work fine :slight_smile:

(swathi) #350

Really fast. Thanks

(enricoceric) #351

Great, great, great :wink:

Played around with leaf generation and have some suggestions:
When generating particles in preview mode, leave are generated at the end of branches which is fine but when using final mode, they are not.
Would be nice to:
Have a random parm on particles node to be able to add some randomness on leaf generation (parm rotation_factor_random)
Have a number of leave parm on particles node as well as size for the leave and a random factor for size.
Be able to define a group of objects or a single object on dupli_object, this would be helpful to create variation on the leave
Have a parameter to avoid branches inside the tree, this is useful to avoid heavy structures, for instance it could be a parameter to say that branches shouldn’t occur before a percentage of the branch start (tried the offset parm but with no good result). Also, some trees have much more ramifications at the end of the branches and I couldn’t find a way to achieve that.

Leave distribution on the branches may vary from one tree to another, for now they are generated randomly but sometimes they are well organised on the branches, it would be cool to be able to alternate the emitter direction for instance to have one leaf on left and next one on the right of the branch and so on … This is an example but we need more control on the leave distribution and behavior.

See below quick examples of what I mean

Would also be cool to have an option to keep the existing particle system when re generating the tree (only emitter is then re created), this way if we make some changes in the particle system they are kept :wink:

Hope this helps :wink:


(burnin) #352

Thank you.
Downloaded normally (from release page, around midnight CET). No issues with it unzipping & moving it to scripts, then activating (Add Mesh: Modular Trees)
First run, all went fine. There are some tricky settings but slowly getting the hang of it. Nice work :yes:

(enricoceric) #353

Any idea why I got this strange branch angle on this split ?


(enricoceric) #354

Quick test with final
Still some controls to handle but very promising


(Maxime) #355

@enricoceric That’s a very nice looking tree !
To avoid those weird things with the high resolution branches, try increasing the branch length, and you can also adjust the split deviation.
Thanks a lot for your help btw :slight_smile:

(yandrychoy) #356

Please, how I can create the tree now, with nodes? I´m adding nodes in the new node interface but nothing is happening in 3d view. Thanks!!

(burnin) #357

then some trial and error
already at post #273

Search Thread is in the upper right corner

(yandrychoy) #358

Thanks a lot, now I´m seeing a tree in 3d workspace…

(Maxime) #359

I don’t have time this week, but A written tutorial will be online next week :slight_smile:

(enricoceric) #360

Thanks Maxime,
Tried to play with branch length and split deviation, branch length helps but it considerably changes the tree shape and it’s then hard to get a nice result.