Modular Tree


(Hexbob) #361

Really lovely work @Maxime! I’ll admit I’ve only just stumbled across this thread and the addon, but even just playing around with it for a short while this afternoon I can see its potential is huge! :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing that tutorial and update to the documentation! :slight_smile: Will you be adding recommended settings to achieve the look of certain types of trees (oak, pine, etc). Also noticed that the tooltips that display when you hover over values in the node tree only show for the grow and split node types and trunk and output, etc, haven’t got any. Not sure if this is a bug or just something that hasn’t been added yet.

Also noticed some issues with the auto-update feature, for some reason I managed to trigger something that constantly created overlapping duplicates of meshes everytime a value was changed, causing Blender to spike 8gb of RAM usage (not sure if that was related to it or a separate issue). Didn’t manage to get the console log code, but I’ll update here if it happens again.

Excited for MT’s future, thanks again! :slight_smile:

(gaurav) #362

Hello I just download ModT addon from release 3. Installed in blender and activated.
But my installation dosen’t shows tree creation tools only twig. I do not think I am missing something so I used spacebar to check more commands and from there still it dosent works I am attaching the screen shot the error shown was when I used spacebar to run the addon.

(burnin) #363

You make a tree using nodes and drawing with grease pencil… read the thread backwards :eyebrowlift:

(gaurav) #364

Oh, ok! Appologies. :o

(Cenda) #365

This addon looks like the best tree generator for Blender! But it is so hard to understand without some samples, tutorials etc. Can you provide more setups? How can I use presets? I believe that it solve my problem :slight_smile: Thanks for share!

(English is not my native language) #366

Yes, it would be great the ability to save/store and share existing tree nodes created by users. So you would have lots of base trees from were to easily start to work.

(Cenda) #367

I think that it is possible, because there is “mod_tree_presets” folder with “Oak.mtp” and “Spruce.mtp”, but I don’t know how can I use it.

(AFWS) #368

The previous version had the ability to save and load presets. It looks like the new version doesn’t and the preset folder didn’t get removed.

(Maxime) #369

I think I will add an option to save the node tree presets :slight_smile:

Currently I am making a C# version on MTree addon for unity, and I have to admit that the unity API is a lot easier to work with !
Here is a screen of a result :

(RPGista) #370

I registered here just so I could say thanks. I tried several tree makers and the Modular addon is by far and away the most satisfying - gorgeous, natural looking results, an organic look that just feels right, and is second to none. Then you have wind animation, grease pencil creation, armature, procedural materials… Plus, the brilliant progressive geometry complexity, that keeps the tris count reasonable (Im going to be making trees as game assets for an open source game) while keeping the look intact. Again, thank you so much for this.

I hope you will keep adding more and more functionalities to this amazing tool. I double the request for presets, any of those beautiful trees you posted as examples would be great.

(Umar Momin) #371

Awesome textures…I am amazed

(ejnaren) #372

I must admit as well that this is amazing work. It’s so nice that you have embraced the open source path for this. Going to donate right now.
On the point of the API. You experience might be something the Devs would like to know. How do you feel the API could be better for example.

(Oscalon) #373

I may be missing something obvious, but I’m having a hard time doing something simple like a pine tree. Can anyone suggest what settings/nodes I need for a straight trunk with lots of branches off it that angle down?

(Darren) #374

Thought I would give this a try
I downloaded the latest release from the release page and installed it no problems but think I must be missing some thing as when I go to activate it I get the following errors come up

(burnin) #375

Something alike?
note: final Tree scale is at 0.3

It writes: “…not a valid Win32 application.”
More info about your system, OS, Blender version… usually goes a long way in solving issues.

(Darren) #376

Soz running 2.79b on windows7 pro 64 bit
I have several builds of 2.8 dating back to Sep last year to the most current and it installed, activated and ran on all of them that I tried out without any problems. So am wondering now if the issue lies with my 2.79 which is the last stable release.

(AFWS) #377

Since the latest version doesn’t let you save presets yet. I put together a addon, so we can save our node setups.


OK, I made some more changes. It now saves the grease pencil strokes. For some reason it errors out when trying to make the tree automatically. I made a operator in the panel that you have to select to create the tree from the grease pencil preset. (26.4 KB)

(burnin) #378

Have you tested with a portable/standalone blender?
Remove “-master” from the addon folder name?
(dashes & non-standard latin characters can make problems on windows)

(qomolangma888) #379

very great tree making addon, i hope you can add more presets and twigs in new version and update your addon soon, thank you again.

(Schillem) #380

What does exactly the selection output and input?