Modular Tree


(AFWS) #401

I don’t think roots is possible with the new version. Maybe when @Maxime finds time to work on it, we can maybe get a “root” node.

(Atom) #402


That was the only reason I installed this AddOn, roots are clearly shown in the image on the first post.

(Maxime) #403

You can install a previous version, only the last one doesn’t yet allow roots creation.

(Atom) #404

Where can I locate the previous version? Github seems to only offer the latest master (6 months old).

Do you have a link?

(AFWS) #405

It’s under releases.

(Atom) #406

Great, that version (2.9.1) works if I disable Use Node Workflow.

(ScottTX) #407

Modular Tree takes time to learn, but can make beautiful trees.

(Atom) #408

So how do you get nice leaves?
I just get a series of planes spaced along the branches?

(ScottTX) #409

On a new layer create a twig. Then select the leaf emitter and edit the particle system. Under object select twig.
If you are using an older version I don’t think Make Twig is available!

(ScottTX) #410

Using the Grease Pencil is amazing.

(Atom) #411

Thanks for the tip.
the configure particle system seems to be broken in version 2.9.1. When I activate it no particle system is added to the tree model. If I manually add a particle system to the tree it gets removed when I click update tree button.

2.9.1 does have a generate twig, but the resulting twig has no leaves.

(Atom) #412

Ok, I have added a Twig node and create a plane to use for the leaves. this does give me a single twig.

How do I add that to the tree?

(Atom) #413

Placing a Particle node inline with the tree generator and selecting the twig as the source does produce output on the tree. But the alignment is wrong.

How do I get the twigs to align with the branches they are spawned upon?

(ScottTX) #414

The older version sucks at placing the twigs. They are NOT aligned properly. I would not use the older version.

(Atom) #415

I need to generate tree roots so the new version won’t work for me.

How does the new version handle twig alignment? What is different?

(ScottTX) #416

I’m unsure, but the twigs are aligned better in the new version.

(ScottTX) #417

Good_General_Tree.blend (4.2 MB)

Here is the blend file for the tree above.

(ScottTX) #418


The Grease Pencil can be used to create roots.


(Atom) #419

Thanks for the tip and the BLEND file. That does work to add roots.

I went ahead and added a new node to the system to see if I can port the root generator from 2.9.1 into 3.0.0.

(Atom) #420

Made some progress. I basically cloned the Grow node and renamed it to Roots. Then I added a flag to the grow def named “is_root”. When this is True I am trying to re-write the .position and .direction of the module contained in the extremeities array.

It looks like the branches are growing down, but only the first re-write of the Z location seems to have an affect?

def grow(root, iterations, min_radius, limit_method, branch_length, split_proba, split_angle, split_deviation,
         split_radius, radius_decrease, randomness, spin, spin_randomness, creator, selection, gravity_strength,
         pruning_strength, shape_factor, up_attraction, kill_below_0=True, is_root=False):
    density_dict = root.density_dict

    if is_root:
        extremities = []
        temp = []
        root.get_extremities_rec(temp, selection)
        # Re-write extremeies head location.
        print (temp)
        for module, head in temp:
            module.position[2] = 0.0
            module.direction[2] *= -1
        extremities = []
        root.get_extremities_rec(extremities, selection)