Modular Tree


(Atom) #421

I think it could work if there was a way to have the result attach to the bottom of the trunk, instead of the top? Is that what head_2 of the extremities is about?

(Atom) #422

A little more code poking around and I found root.position. If I set the module.position to the root, the growth begins at the bottom. so it seems…

def grow(root, iterations, min_radius, limit_method, branch_length, split_proba, split_angle, split_deviation,
         split_radius, radius_decrease, randomness, spin, spin_randomness, creator, selection, gravity_strength,
         pruning_strength, shape_factor, up_attraction, kill_below_0=True, is_root=False):
    density_dict = root.density_dict

    if is_root:
        extremities = []
        root.get_extremities_rec(extremities, selection)
        # Re-write extremeies module location.
        for module, head in extremities:
            module.direction[2] *= -1
            module.position = root.position
        extremities = []
        root.get_extremities_rec(extremities, selection)

However, following the Root node up with a Grow node does not work. My guess is that the roots need to be excluded from the extremities list…? Perhaps, somehow, re-forward the trunk as the result to fool the next node in the line.

(ScottTX) #423

There needs to be a way to merge two nodes (root and grow). I’m not a coder so I’m of no help.

(Atom) #424

Yep, but I’m thinking it should just return the trunk as it’s result for the next node that way splits and grows can’t happen on the generated roots.

(Atom) #425

Is there anyway to just get the curves that generate the surface as an output? Instead of the fully surfaced tree?

(yoji) #426

I just released a tutorial on the basics of this addon. Hope Maxime will can work on it to make a fully finished version.
In english:

In french:

A training about nature creation that talks about it too:

(Maxime) #427

Thanks a lot, that really made my day !!

(Artstallion) #428

Wow so cool! Thank you!

(chris.k) #429

@Maxime Thanks for the awesome addon.I wonder if you can add Mtree option to modular tree so we can create game ready tree inside blender for (armory,godot)?
Also can you add the ability to create twig without leaves so we can import our own leaf texture with particles ?

(LucaDiCecca) #430

How can I transfer animation branch to the leaf emitter?

(Yi An Lai) #432

cool i want this

(JuhaW) #435

You can add your own one face plane as leave. Edit materials.blend- file and lines 111-114.

(Taholmes160) #436

Hi Folks, I am messing around with Modular Tree Generator, and it seems to work great, I would like to figure out how to create a pine tree trunk with it, does anyone have any experience, and can suggest some settings that will work? Also, I THINK I know how to update the files to add pine needles material, but again, can someone fill me in on the right procedure. It looks to me from the message above that I am to edit the file and adding in the name, as well as the name of the texture file. I suspect I can also update the shader in cycles nodes.


(burnin) #437

for needles, use same principle as is mentioned in a post above yours

(Taholmes160) #439

@burnin – Thanks, the tree is working out great. Only one quick question. On the top of the tree you made there is a final set of branches at the very tip. I’d like to modify that, where is that being controlled by?


(Taholmes160) #441

I have looked at your info about adding a leaf type to the Modular Tree Addon, found the files to edit and stuff, but I cannot figure out how to bring in the new picture – I am trying to add pine needles, I have a picture that I want to use, but cant figure out how to bring it in. Can you please explain to me what you did in the materials.blend file to bring in the picture of the leaves that you added (the ROWAN leaves) – I tried adding a plane and applying the texture to it, but that didnt work


(Taholmes160) #442

Hi @Maxime

Really spectacular add on, Works great. I am trying to make pine trees (the scene I am modeling is in the Colorado Rockies) I have a mostly working Trunk, and I have a picture that I want to use for the needles, but I dont know now to add it to the materials.blend file – can you please explain that to me?


(JuhaW) #443

(burnin) #444

The thing works more like the L-system, so there’s no way to control a single part.
Once you’re done with the main form & shape procedurally, you tackle the details manually.

(Bernardo) #445

hi guys!

how am I supposed to use the wind operator? I created the tree with the armature, but out of the box the tree mesh isn’t parented to the armature. If I click on wind operator I can see the armature moving, but nothing more. Am I supposed to bake the action some how? what’s the correct process?

thank you!