Modular Tree


(Maxime) #486
  • Presets : I haven’t researched it yet, but it’s definitely on the roadmap
  • Split the trunk at the base: depends on what you mean, if it is having branches go from the base of the trunk or split the trunk in two then yes, if it’s having multiple trunks then no.
  • Grease pencil : the feature will remain
  • Roots : I can’t guarantee it it but I will try to make it happen.

(enricoceric) #487

HI Maxime,
Great to see you put your hands again in this project :wink:
Indeed the topology is way better, much more predictable and more realistic too.
Roots would be really welcome.
Will you add twigs generation ? It could be really helpful as a base particle to fill the tree with leaves.
By the way, will you add the functions we had with the previous version ?

(AFWS) #488

Maybe this will explain better what I’m talking about. It’s connected at the base ,but yet split. I tried to get this to happen in latest release for 2.79 ,but never could.

(cdog) #489

Can’t you just generate several trees and move them close?

(AFWS) #490

That would work and I have done that ,but what if you wanted the split farther up? And you would also not have it connected at the base when you do that.

(Maxime) #491

I think all the previous features will be in the new version, including twigs generation :slight_smile:

(Maxime) #492

like this ?

(AFWS) #493

Yeah, that’s pretty close.

(Peetie) #494

Ah Ok, got all nodes now. Seems I was a bit to early yesterday. It works

(enricoceric) #495

Yes, nice.
For the leaf generation, may I suggest you to use the same principle you used for the twigs in previous version. The result is great and way better than what could be achieved with particles. Also regarding the UV mapping for the leaves it would be great to be able to define a grid, for instance let’s say we use a 2x3 grid for leaf UV mapping, each leaf would be randomly assigned to one of those 6 grids so we can use a multiple leaves image to get some variation.

(Maxime) #496

I was actually thinking about the leaf generation.
I will keep the same principle and improve upon it if I can. It will allow custom leaf objects, but i don’t think I will lay the uvs on a grid like you said. I will however improve the current leaf materials to have procedural variations on them.

(Maxime) #497

I added twig and particle system creation

(bkjernisted) #498

Link to latest release is in post 475 above.

(enricoceric) #499

Wonderful !

(mak485) #500

Nice job.
I think appending/importing Bark material missing. I managed to append manually, worked fine. Fixing is easy for

(jachtarfranko) #501

Thanks, but this version has bug, i think.
Each pressing button “execute” makes new tree,
and old trees are not deleted …

(Maxime) #502

You have to select the tree in order for it to be replaced by the new one

(enricoceric) #503

How did you get this result ? Could you share the settings ?

(Maxime) #504

Something like that, and a little bit of sculpting afterwards.

basically a very short trunk, a grow node with 1 split probability but short length to create the splits at the base, and then grow and branch for the rest of the tree.

(enricoceric) #505

Thanks Maxime