Modular Tree


(Maxime) #526

Thanks, it should be fixed now.

(Giom) #527

Looking forward to testing this. Thanks for sharing!

(Peetie) #528

Oh, Thanks. It works now. Super!

(mak485) #529

great, it is fixed.
earlier i raised problem with bark material, it is not appearing in material slot or any button to import.

thanks again

(Maxime) #530

It is in progress :wink:

(enricoceric) #531

It evolves really well :wink:
Did you changed the twig process generation, I preferred the result with the previous version (for Blender 2.79) …

In case you didn’t see my previous remarks, here they are :
I noticed that there were no branch starting from the end of the trunc, is there a way to generate them ?
Also it’s hard to generate small branches, often adding a third branch node to have small branches doesn’t change much, a few small branches are generated a the top of the tree but not in the bottom branches, any solution for that ?

Thanks for this great plugin

(Maxime) #532

I only changed where the leafs appear.

You can add branches starting from the end of the trunk by adding a grow node after the trunk node.
To add small branches, you can lower the radius property in the branch node.

(enricoceric) #533

Indeed I get branches at the end of the trunc but only at the end, I cannot figure how to get branches along the trunc before the end, I may miss something …

(enricoceric) #534

Hi Maxime,
Hope you don’t mind if I made some quick changes in the script, just to test :wink:
Here is what I wanted to illustrate, the right tree is what I get with the base script and the left one with the small changes I made to get branches on top of the trunk.
Would be nice to have this addition, it makes the tree topology more realistic.
What do you think ?

(Maxime) #535

It seems you just uncovered the next feature :wink:

I will indeed add the possibility to have any number of outputs, it is the underlying mechanism of the tree creation tool I made for unity.

It will be very useful, for example to add short dead branches on the trunk !

Thanks a lot for your suggestions :slight_smile:

(Maxime) #536

I added the feature introduced by @enricoceric !
Now each function can link to multiple functions, which allows for a lot more controls.

Here is an example : trunk with long branches as well as small dead branches

I added this tree as a preset.

(Jesus) #537

Hi, I’ve been testing with this tree of exhaustive way and i have had very good results, but I think would be very useful if you will add a leaf min radius parameter for eliminate some leaves of very thin branches. Sorry for my bad english :s
Aliso comun tree.

very thin branches

(enricoceric) #538

He he, yes, now it opens new perspectives :wink:
So as you are on the way, I would suggest some more features to add realism :

In addition to dead branches, it would be nice to have cut branches, very similar but with control on the end radius which is missing on branch node.
Gravity may varies as the tree is growing, so it would be useful to have a progressive gravity so low branches are falling and top branches are raising for instance.
Would be cool to be able to generate different leaves, this way you could have leaves of course but also fruits.

Some more ideas :
On some trees, leaves are spread all around the branch not only on up faces.
Could you add a weight parameter for branches, this could be useful to avoid leaves on dead branches for instance.

Will think to more …

(Dheim) #539

Hehe, you’re basically describing the features that The Grove has. :stuck_out_tongue:

(enricoceric) #540

Never used Grove but those are indeed some basic features, I wrote my own script under Blender 2.49 some years ago and I provided those features and some others :wink:

(Okavango) #541

Not yet using 2.80 or the new MT, but based of the pictures i see here, you might want to check the amount of leaves a certain branch has along it’s length. Usually, the leaf cover tends to be concentrated in the perimeter of the tree and not so much closer to the trunk. The inner area is mostly free from tiny branches and leaves. This might also help reduce the poly count.

Come to think of it, maybe a curve-based node for controlling the leaf / leaf bearing branches distribution along the crown radius could also help.

Great work anyway :slight_smile:

(Nitram_2000) #542

Just a general question with all the updates. Will these also be available in 2.79?

(Maxime) #543

No, these updates are for blender 2.8.
The last release for blender 2.79 is the current one.

(Maxime) #544

I added an option to change the end radius of the branches.
Variable gravity may come. for now I added a diminution of the split angle toward the end of the trunk, which adds a lot of realism in my opinion.
For fruits you can change the particle system to have a group of leaves/fruits.

(Maxime) #545

I added a spruce preset:

Now when making changes, the tree mesh is only re-created if needed. This allows to modify the leafs parameters much faster.

The end of branches are now filled.