Modular Tree


(Maxime) #546

I think I will add an option to delete very thin branches, which should prevent this problem.
Long thin branches are not very realistic anyway.

(Nitram_2000) #547

Then I guess I’ll have to use this in 2.8 :wink:

A general Blender question then. Can I create the trees in 2.8, along with textures and all, then save them out as obj’s to open in 2.79? Or what would the best crossover workflow be? I’m still mainly in 2.79 and I don’t want to switch until the alpha release. Any ideas?

(Viktor) #548

2.8 is already in beta stage :wink:

(chris.k) #549

@Maxime Can you add option to control twig axis so we can make twig only in z axis and then bake it for low poly trees

(Maxime) #550

You mean an option to have the twig projected on the xy plane ?

(Maxime) #551


I added a roots node :

(chris.k) #552

Yes .And do you plan to add the option to have your own leaf texture

(Maxime) #553

Then you just have to render it from above in order to have a branch texture.

(mak485) #554

some error, twigs are also growing from root.

(Maxime) #555

Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

(chris.k) #556

Yes but some twig is rotated at z axis and pass through others and some others is not at the same height .So we need option to control height

(Nitram_2000) #557

So I decided to go with 2.8 and play around with this again.

Here are my observations so far.

It definitely needs some documentation. If I have time over the next few weeks I would be happy to try and help. Just send me a PM to get the ball rolling there.

I also had to manually import the trunk materials. Will there be an option to simply add them like there was in the 2.79 version?

The plural of leaf is leaves, not leafs. I’m not sure if that’s hard to change in all of the code, but I thought I’d point it out to you.

And once again, just a general thank you. This is a brilliant piece of work.

(ejnaren) #558

Wow! Amazing progress. You should put out a general call for help making presets.
Any way to export presets and send them to you?

(Jesus) #559

I made my version of the Scot pine tree n.n, I made the twigs manually.

(Tibicen) #560

@Maxime True, use the community. Create some exporter importer and ask us for the presets.

(Nitram_2000) #561

Second the calls for community presets.

One other huge thing (could be a pile of work, but it would make this addon almost perfect) would be a material interface. Something like that of Graswald. Simple interface to change the colours, bark roughness/bump etc. I’m comfortable enough to go into the node editor and tweak materials myself, but That would make this thing so, so good. I’d even pay for it as an addon if it had such features.

(burnin) #562

i believe for now, the best way to share ‘presets’ is a .blend file.

(enricoceric) #563

Creating presets is not very relevant until the product is stable. Presets may simply be unreadable from one version to another as I experimented. So for now it’s probably better to just share screen shots of the nodes. But I may be wrong …

(Maxime) #564

A call for presets is a very good idea. I will do that near the release of this version because the nodes are susceptible to change, and so would the presets files.

Thank you all for your support, it means a lot !

(Unreal3DFX) #565

There is hope in air that soon Speedtree is not needed and tree generation for game engines can become a joy in future. Keep up a good work and focus on easy of use :slight_smile: