Modular Tree


(Jesus) #566

More tests, abeto de douglas

(Jesus) #567

Cinnamomum porrectum

(Renzatic) #568

I just now started using this, and…holy crap, it’s just all around incredible. It seems to offer nicer looking, more realistic trees than the sapling addon, while still providing you considerably more control over the end product. Excellent work, Maxime. :smiley:

Now I just have to figure out how to properly use it.

(Nitram_2000) #569

Hi man, is there any chance that you can share some of your node trees or blend files? The 2.8 version is really not very user friendly up to now.

(Nitram_2000) #570

Feature request. Can you put in an “end” option (Height) on the split nodes? I’m using two split nodes on one trunk and I don’t want them to overlap (or at least control where they overlap). That way all of lower splits can be smaller twigs and the upper split can spawn leaves and bigger branches etc.

(Jesus) #571

this configuration of tree and twigs is for Cinnamomum porrectum


(Nitram_2000) #572

Thanks man.

I think this is an even more updated version than the one I have.

Off to Github I go :smile:

(Renzatic) #573

I’m banging out a quick node guide, both as a way to help me wrap my head around the addon that much quicker, and to maybe possibly contribute a little bit to this scene.

I’ll upload what I have as an .md file once I manage my way through the trunk and branch nodes. Already, I’ve come to a couple of settings within the trunk node I’m not immediately clear on, such as…

Resolution, which I assume determines the mesh density, and…

Shape. At a casual glance, this seems to be redundant override for Radius and End Radius. Setting it to 0.01 makes the trunk perfectly uniform in size, and anything over 1.0 seems to make the trunk thinner overall, and taper more aggressively.

I’ll have more soon.

(chris.k) #574

Where can i download 2.8 version ?

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #575

You select the 2.80 branch, see below gif:

Here is the link to the 2.80 branch:

(Nitram_2000) #576

Life saver!!

(Renzatic) #577

I’m actually starting to gleam a little bit of the method from the madness. When you first fire it up, it almost seems like it’s TOO random, that all you can do is hit a button, and hope for the best. Once you start drilling down through all the individual settings though, you start seeing how everything can be controlled and set up. It’s all pretty slick.

The thing is, a goodly number of these settings require you to play and flip around with them for 10-15 minutes, studying what they do before you’re finally able to figure it out. It helps knowing that branches along the bottom portion of the tree will behave differently than branches near the top. You have to realize you’re messing with a general median, rather than determining exact behavior per branch. Like right now, I’m stuck trying to figure out how Max Split Number works, because even though I have it set to 1, the longer branches near the base of the tree are still splitting off 3-4 times, while the smaller ones near the top are working as intended. I have to figure out why it’s doing that, and whether its doing its own thing, or interacting with another setting farther down the node.

…and I’ve figured it out.

(mathieu) #578

thanks for sharing. Amazing addons, sad I don’t have time to look more in depth for now.

(Renzatic) #579

And here it is. This covers just the trunk and branch nodes for now. Pretty basic, but enough to get some good trees growing.

If you find any mistakes in what I’ve written, or just feel like adding to it and/or clarifying things yourself, I’m providing the Markdown original alongside the .pdf. Read it, and see what you think.

ModularTrees.pdf (33.8 KB) (6.5 KB)

(Nitram_2000) #580

Awesome dude. I’ll get a look for an hour tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of time over the weekend but I’ll add what I can.

One other thing, do you know, or perhaps @Maxime can tell us, how the UV unwrap works. I still get lots of hard edges all over. Again, that might have to do with how certain settings are affecting one another, but I’m wondering if there’s a simple enough explanation.

(Renzatic) #581

Decided to put what little I’ve learned into practice. I wanted to make a Ponderose Pine, and…well, I mostly succeeded. It’s a little too high cropped, but it looks about like what I intended.

I was also too lazy to import some pine needles, so I just took the serrated leaves provided me in the twig editor, made them tiny, and bunched them up. The upside is that they did end up looking surprisingly close to actual pine fronds. Downside is 35 million tris is, yeah, it’s a little bit.

(giacometti777) #582

This is totally unrelated but can I ask what flavor of Futura you are using for your UI font? Or is is something different but similar?

(Renzatic) #583

It’s Futura Heavy.

(giacometti777) #584

Thank you! Looks ace!

(Jesus) #585

@Maxime the twig creation could be similar to tree creation for more natural twigs.
It could also be added that leaves are generated at the end of each branch for create trees or plants more specific.