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Does this awesome addon work in blender 2.8?

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One complicated, not at all quick question.

Length on the Trunk node seems to set to good old fashioned Blender grid units. Grow, from what I’ve seen, looks to determine its length relative to something else. This may be due to me using the addon in a strange way, beating it up and twisting it around, so I can understand exactly what does what when I start writing up on it again.

Say I want a tall tree, like a silver fir, and I want a little more control over the placement of the branches spreading out from the trunk. I want some bald spots here and there between the groups. To do this, I’d start out with a Trunk node, give it a length of 5, making it the expected 5 Blender units, stack a Grow node on it, set everything roughly to 0, then give it a length of 1.

That adds one Blender unit. If I set it two, it doesn’t do anything. Seems the Grow node will grow your trunks and branches by 1 unit by default.

So say I set Length back to 1, go to Shape Start, set it to 1.0, stays the same. Set Shape Start to 2.0, it grows it 2 units. If I set Length to 2, that grows it to 4. So it seems that the length of the growth acts as a multiplier for the Shape Start setting. So I figured out how to control that.

…but the reasons for such aren’t immediately intuitive. Why have length act as a multiplier for Shape Start, rather than just grow your branches X amount of units? I’m thinking it’s due to the way it grows branches, tapering, twisting, and generally making trees from these various settings, and I’m not considering the algorithm in play here.

The reason I’m asking all these weird questions, likely abusing your addon in the process, is because I want to discern exactly how and why it does its thing. Understanding start and end sizes, lengths, how they relate to each other, and all that good stuff will help me understand at least 50% of what’s on offer here. I want to get to the point where I no longer have to guess, hammering out random numbers until I get a tree shape that’s sortakinda what I had in mind. Once I get there, then I can fully describe it.

Though I have made some progress in gleaming it all out. At a casual glance, you wouldn’t think it offers up nearly as much specific control as it does. Like this, for instance…

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Just for all Unity Users! Mtree is now on the Assetstore as an purchaseable Asset.

Asset Store Page

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I did some research and I don’t think it is possible to keyframe the values, but I will keep looking !

When executing, the addon looks at the active object and replaces it if it is already a tree. The problem is that when deselecting everything, the active object is still the last object selected, so the tree will be overridden even when not selected.
In order to avoid that behavior, you can select an an other object which is not a tree, the old tree won’t be overridden.

I changed the procedural materials indeed :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it should be fixed now

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The shape start is the length (in blender units) of the lowest branch. The shape end is the length (in blender units) of the highest one. The length parameter is a multiplier of those two, it is here for convenience (so you don’t have to change both when the shape is right but overall length is too small)

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Indeed !

For those who are interested and want to create trees inside unity for game development, I made a (paid) asset which just got released !

You can check it out here

And thanks for your review :wink:

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So what you’re saying to me is that I shouldn’t delete the default cube and actually put it to some use? :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, thanks for the explanation. Creating different Blend files to append together was going to be a pain :smiley:

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you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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I’m interested about the Unity asset and I’d like to do some questions on it . Should I ask you here or is there an official thread on Unity forum?

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there is indeed a thread on forum.unity

here’s the link

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You can also send me a pm :slight_smile:

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How do you bring up the modular tree menu in 2.8? Thanks

(Nitram_2000) #640

It’s in the “Editor Type” menu, where you normally change from 3D view to node editor etc.

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Thank you.
I sent you a PM.

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Why are there no leaves on my tree and when I try to enable auto update it does not enable? Thanks

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You need to create a twig using the twig node. After that, you have to assign that as your particle using the “Leaf” selection in the parameters node.

(Maxime) #644

And in order to enable auto-update you have to select the tree first :slight_smile:

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What do I do next? I only have a twig on the ground.

I am using today’s build.