Modular Tree


(Maxime) #646

I think you selected the wrong object in the leaf parameter, select the object created by the twig node, and then the twig object should be scattered on the tree.

(Nitram_2000) #647

Yeah, I think the leaf generator creates a leaf but calls it Tree.

And @bkjernisted, as a general workflow, I use the autoupdate just while creating the general trunk and branches. Only when I’m happy with that do I switch it to final, put the res up a little, and then check the create leaf check mark.

(Kea Lim) #648

The notes setup is very confusing to use for beginner; I have no idea where to start unless I watch an hour of tutorial. It is just complicated the basic use of an add on. Why can’t the “tree notes” be connected like a tree, and then have users adjust the value.

(bkjernisted) #649

I think the problem I was having was that I had the particles set to emitters rather than hair. edit…I went back to an earlier file and I needed to be in emitters. Also make sure tree is in coordinate system. This makes sense that the material which is the twig should go on the tree which is the target or coordinate system. The coordinate system is essentially the tree branches. Also make sure tree .001 is in the leaf tree parameter. Sorry about the mix up. Thanks

(bkjernisted) #650

I switched my tree material from palmate009 to redwood and my material turned pink. Why is that? The leaves on the tree look like a maple leaf. Which tree bark do I use? Thanks…edit…under external data should I enable automatically pack into blend?..edit…why did my oak bark not render in cycles? edit…now the two top pictures show my tree texture and node setup.edit…This tree will not render in eevee. Blender shuts down. Are there some settings in blender I need to change? Cycles works okay. Thanks…here is a picture of reversed normals on trunk I cannot reverse or make consistent. edit…To recalculate the normals I seperated the tree trunk by selection and it rendered properly.

(Jesus) #651

I downloaded the last version today and I’ve seen the leaf orientation is more natural and very good, but i think the some leaf break the naturality of orientation for specifics trees.
(Sorry for my bad english :s)

leaf orientation breaked.

i cut manually this leafs, and this is more natural.

(Unreal3DFX) #652

Maxime: Hello, any plans to move node menus into UI menus as a alternate building without opening node editor? would be even easier and comfortable. Similar to Sapling tree generator and your Unity plugin.

(Jesus) #653

@Maxime . I tested the new improved leaf orientation and i have very good results <3, i used the scot pine preset and a custom twig made by me, I’m happy with the results n.n, your work with the add-on is awesome.

(Kumaran sip) #654
Entity need help,where is scot pine preset i cant find me.

(Jesus) #655

in the last version, going to mtree node editor and press “N” for open menu, in the right you find a two windows, node and mtree, select mtree and you have the presets.

(Jesus) #656

I’m working in a tree configuration, I only use extremities only for add leaf, and use only grow node and split node for tree growing, for the moment I have very good results, and very realistics.


(Kumaran sip) #657

Thankyou entity :heart_eyes:

(Jesus) #658

obviously I created a custom and bit complex twig.

apart of the this post topic, I’m learning python, but i’m a very principiant. when i have more experience if is possible I would like assist in the development of this very good and useful add-on n.n

(Kumaran sip) #659

Entity How do you randomize natural looking leaf texture.

(Jesus) #660

when i use my custon twigs, I no use random colorization in the leaf, the twigs of mtree plugin have default random colorization.

(Kea Lim) #662

Nice tree! look natural. Want to share some setting?

(Jesus) #663

For this i needed 3000 particles for good results, but if i use only geometry for make the twigs, the 3k instances is very dense, so I created the twig for Scot pine using a simple branch and planes with alpha for leafs, the geometry for twig is very low and this is not a problem because this type of tree normally is very height and usually this is not in first plane in render ( the twigs not very visible but in far vision is very natural and realistic).

This is a very zoom shot of the tree,

This is the twig, the branch is very low poly.

and for the tree config i use scot pine preset of this add-on.

(Jesus) #664

I create other tree, i dont know what is name of this type of tree, but I took references of other trees located where I live i use extremities only for more naturality in distribution of leafs.

(Jesus) #665

I created a bush n.n

(Sanidhya kabeer) #666

Hey ,
Actually I wanted to know how can I make Mtree to work because when I click on wind operator,the armature only moves but the tree isn’t parented to armature.