Modular Tree

(Maxime) #687

Armature creation and wind are back !

The vertex groups for the armature are automatically created (but armature will not deform curve meshes) so it is more usable now.

I removed the “accurate” wind simulation, as it wasn’t very useful, but the fast wind operator is still here. There is no interface yet, but you can call it with the search bar.

Also, freehand drawing for the trunk/main branches is back ! It is now an option in the trunk node.

The addon is near completion for a release, it has been quite a lot of work, and I am happy with the result :slight_smile:


(mathieu) #688

I am happy with the result

I think you can !

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(Jesus) #689

I will make video tutorials for use your addon, not with my voice because i dont speak english very well for the moment n.n


(Nitram_2000) #690

I’ll do the voice over if you provide me with the script :+1:t2:


(enricoceric) #691

Great job !
Armature works fine with final result (mesh), though when adding leaves they are not parented to the armature and they don’t follow the armature changes, or I missed something …

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This is such a great add on! I am having difficulty with the wind animation. The armature isn’t connecting to the tree model, even when parenting. Could you explain how to do this? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


(Nitram_2000) #693

A quick question on actual trees. Does anyone know what type of trees these are? They’re in my local city park and I’d like to try and match some of the MTrees to them for a bigger scene.


(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #694

Not an expert but they look like types of oak tree. Second tree have eucalyptus bark patterns as well. Which city are you living in?


(Nitram_2000) #695

Thanks. It’ll give me a base to start from.

I’m in Frankfurt.


(Okavango) #696

The second one looks like a tree quite common in my area:

It is very nice and fast - growing, has a huge crown and maple-like leaves and seed spheres, found very often in tree lanes and parks…

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(Nitram_2000) #697

I also found that there are a lot of Horse Chestnut tress in the ares. Those guys have awesome trunks and bark.


(Meshmonkey) #698

Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis).

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(GrayTrace) #699

I think the second and last one is a London Plane (Ahornblättrige Platane).
You can find it quite often in Germany (also near my place). Try to google this and check the images. Should come quite close to the ones in your picture.
The first one could be a Lime (Linde).



From the looks
Acer Platanoides (en. “Norway Maple”)
Platanus x acerifolia (en. “London Plane”)
Both, are quite common in European parks, avenues, allees.



Hi Entity, Can you show us the node setup for your bush? I’d like to create very similar from nodes : )


(Raffael Viotti) #702

Love this addon, thank you so much @Maxime for this amazing job.

I’ve been playing around with it and it is amazing!

I have a few questions:
Would you be open to have people sharing there presets? To put it in the addon?

Could the tab “MrTree” could be name “preset”?
What is the inputs/outputs in the tab MrTree?

Thanks again!


(Jesus) #703

quick tests, I try out the last version, the low preview tree generate the branches inside last branches and this is very good for very dense tree models or tree models for distant view.

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(Okavango) #704

That looks very nice. Is there perhaps an updated version of the addon for 2.79 also?


(Kumaran sip) #705

Disney’s Bonsai

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(ejnaren) #706

Hi @Maxime would you consider this add-on ready for us to create template trees?