Modular Tree

now i have and i can say that it isn’t working

And you used either the windows or linux links from this release ?

i have used the windows version

Oh I just noticed that the mtree library is missing from the zip
I’ll fix that !

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thx :3 and let me know when you fixed it

Alright there was some magic involved, but it should work now !


I have version 3 on MacOs 11.4. MT does not show up in the tools tab as stated in the preferences nor does a editor appear when enabled.

V.4 appears to not be available for Mac, is this true?

If you look at the previous messages you might make the version 3 work on blender 2.92+ .

The version 4 is not available on mac, but that could change depending on how easy it is to compile mtree for mac-OS.

Thanks @Maxime I have same problem like @Slinc_HD . Bt now the problem is solved. Thanks again for the addon.

it is fixed :smiley: thx now i can make super cool trees with bether topo :smiley:

Another Mac user here, chiming in to say I’m looking forward to trying V.4 when you port it to MacOS, and that this add-on leaves me :star_struck: !

Works now. Thanks.

The addon now compiles for MacOS, I can’t test it but hopefully it’s working :slight_smile:


Does the tree mesh created from the addon generate its own uvs or you have to create them manually in 4.0 alpha version?

no uvs yet, I’m working of it

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Ok. Thanks :+1:

I added a “radius override” node that estimates the radius of the branches after they are generated:


How do you add the leaves?

Can’t wait to get the full wersion of Mtree 4

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