module question

Im starting to learn Python scripting, but im hitting a roadblock early. started a new script and typed in import Rasterizer with get window height and width commands. When I hit

scripts for the game engine cannot be run in the text window with alt+p, they must be started with the python controller in the gamelogic buttons

[you type the name of the text datablock in there, and when it is pulsed the script is run]

Thanks. I thought it was the same way as regular python. I was able to type in a new script, print 2+2 then hit alt-p and it said 4 in the dos window. I thought it was the same way for gameblender python. By the way does anyone know how to scroll up and down in the dos window when page is full? I dont know the dos command for it.

you arent’ running 2k or xp!?!!
[if you are you can configure the buffer size to be several thousand lines and a scroll bar will be there…]
[you can get to the config by pressing the button on the top left of the console window, and iirc choosing properties]

I don’t think in 98 [or thereabouts] it is possible, but I would love to be proven wrong

personally, I do a lot of work on my scripts connected to an always sensor with all pulses turned off [so, that results in it only pulsing the first frame the game is run]