Module Question

Hey everyone. I have a (hopefully) much simpler question this time. For modules, do you have to have the little “D” button next to the name in the module controller selected? Because I’m trying to make movement using modules and I have applyMovement in one of the modules and it only works when the “D” is selected, but it’s just for debugging so it doesn’t make sense that it would be necessary.

Nope, no need for the ‘D’, it reloads the module from the filesystem every frame, so you can make edits while the game is running (I think).

Make sure you have the file with a .py extension (script files don’t need it, modules do)
Make sure you also put in the function in the module you want to call.

Ok thanks. Well I do have that but the player only moves at all if I select the “D”. Otherwise he stands still no matter what I press.