Module use of python22.dll conflicts with ...

I’m trying to use blender to plot some data that I get through my serial port. This should be easy to do in theory because pySerial allows python to interface with the PCs serial port and blender also has a python API.

Anyway, here is some background data:
OS: Windows 2000
Blender: Version 2.33
Python: Version 2.2.3
(1) I have set my PYTHONPATH in windows using the mycomputer/properties/advanced/environmental variables method suggested on this forum.
(2) I have successfully, albeit separately, ran scripts in both the pySerial module and the blender python API.

When I attempted to put blender and pySerial together, IE to import the serial module from the blender text window, I get the following error message: “module use of python22.dll conflicts with this version of python”. THIS VERSION OF PYTHON??? I thought that there was only one version installed, which is 2.2.3. Does blender automatically install another version???

I decided to use print sys.path to see what path blender was actually using. It turns out that the path to python 2.2.3 is there, but so is some other stuff like … c:\\Program Files||BlenderPublisher,c:\PROGRA~1\BLENDE~1`,``] I wondering if these extra paths are necessary or if they are just causing trouble?


Can anybody offer some advice???

The latest version of blender ( 2.33 ) uses the latest version of python which is 2.3. The previous blender (2.32 ) used python 2.2.x. I don’t know which version of python pySerial was built against.

( just to make this even more confusing, the last release of python 2.2 was 2.2.3 )

Summary: use python 2.3 with latest blender.

This message has been brought to you by the digits 2 and 3.