Moebius is dead

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) :frowning:

Moebius draws on tablet:

Very sad news to me, a great artist and author that inspired many people worldwide through the decades he was active.

I had been a fan of his work since early eighties when i discovered his involvement in " Les Maitres du Temps " that i liked very much in its time and after that devoured many of the books he authored and pencilled.

With his passing, that’s a big part of my life that comes back to my mind that without knowing he influenced by his pencilling styles and story telling.

He will be missed, may he rests in peace in a better world.

When I heard the news this weekend I experienced a mixed feeling of sadness and disbelief. I remembered when I saw him two years ago in Madrid talking about his life and works. He had come to present the the first volumes of “Inside Moebius”, which had just been translated into Spanish. He talked in a very relaxed manner, speaking a very soft Spanish with a distinct french accent. He was witty and funny in his comments and remarks and the last thing that could cross my mind was that he was battling cancer at the time. I was just enjoying the fact that I was there listening and watching the man who had imagined and drawn the Incal saga, one of my most beloved comics. Some great creators have lefts us lately, which I suppose is a sign of us getting old ourselves. I still can’t think about Satoshi Kon and his work without feeling a pang of grief.

RIP… That guy was awesome. A French friend who draws comics used to talk in the most positive way about him