Moe's Tavern

So a few days back I started thinking about what the Simpsons universe would look like if it existed in reality. After messing around with a few different Ideas I decided to make the iconic Moe’s tavern. Since a few episodes showed Moe’s in a fairly run down part of town I thought it might be cool to give it a grungy kind of look. I’d love some tips on how I could make it look more realistic and/or any suggestions for other buildings from the Simpsons universe. I think all up it took me maybe 12 hours on and off just experimenting with textures. The model it’s self was done in about 20 minutes.

Nice idea. i like the overall look. The Letters are pitchblack so it looks like they are flat (because you cant see shadows on pitchblack color). The proportions seem to fit to the original Tavern and the textures you used are also fine. well done :slight_smile: