Mohammed Cartoon

Has anybody seen the Mohammed cartoon that caused such an outrage in the Muslem community?

I have not, but heared that one was of the Muslem profet Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. Now, to me, it would seem that proving such a statement wrong would NOT include rioting and the burning of embassies. Wouldn’t that just drive home the point the cartoonist was trying to make?

I am also Intersted in seeing this. The FREE SPEECH news here in the USA wont show it…America BAH, makes me ashamed that we cant speak our minds.

Bush makes me ashamed even more.

I think I found the cartoon in question:
<image removed by administrator>

Found in this article:
(Note: I did not read this article)

Oooh, gotta be careful posting images like that. Embassies have been torched and people have died over images about that stuff. %|

I’d hate to see such a nice place as Elysiun become victim to racial or religous hatred.

Wonder if mods will edit that post? %|

I won’t.

I don’t like it, but i figure he can post it in the sake of reporting the news.

I won’t.

I don’t like it, but i figure he can post it in the sake of reporting the news.[/quote]

Don’t get me wrong. That wasn’t a request. Elysiun will do what it will. I am just concerned over the increased tension which has stemmed from those images, and the levels of raised hatred and violence. That’s all. %|

Just to make a quick comment. I have no intention of insulting anyone, I am just interested in what others think about what is going on. Many may be very curious about recent events in the world and have not been able to actually see what it is that sparked the controversy.

I do have to say, however, I do not agree with such an extreem course of action many have taken due to this cartoon.

Yeah whoever made that cartoon should die seeing how many Christian missionaries get persicuted, tortured and killed over there. What an insult, please America makes fun of Jesus all the time, we don’t go bombing ourselves, sure that cartoon is wrong and no douptly mean hearted, but it sure is’nt anything to bomb the us over, I think people over there are way to influenced by all the ani-america media that’s being played. America is a great country despite all the other crap that happens here.

I’m a little confused by your comment JackBlack. I’m not sure what you are saying. The cartoonist responsable, I believe, was Danish, not American … it was first printed in a Danish newspaper.

Wouldn’t that just drive home the point the cartoonist was trying to make?

I agree with Waffler on this

Did you see the response of the muslem world ?

a cartoon of Hitler sleeping in bed with Anna Frank, telling her that she can write all about it in her dairy.

my hope is that this war between the muslems and the rest of the world, will stay on the drawing board, it’s better for us all.


Edit: i fixed my spelling a bit.

I didn’t understand a damn thing you said.

I find it funny that they bitch about the cartoons. They runs tons of anti-sematic cartoons in their newspapers. They are just getting out of control.

I doubt they care very much about what american institutions are doing in america.

OMG! Let’s nuke Project Orange!

Thats not the image, The news said it has a star of david on it.

IIRC, there were 12 images, part of a set.


Here is the original image in its entirety.

Sorry its kind of small. But I agree, being upset that mohammed is portrayed as violent and then responding with violence is hypocritical to say the least.

Need I comment on that?

It’s an ‘art’ issue and as such a ‘freedom of expression’ issue, so why should Elysiun shy away from it?

It raises some fundamental (in the etymological sense, not the propaganda sense) ethical issues:

If this is indeed to be a ‘freedom of expression’ right (in the ‘western world’), then isn’t it also a freedom of expression right of muslim schoolgirls in France to wear headgear to school?

Does that freedom of expression (essentially a Christian charter and historicaly rather new) remain a right when it involves non-Christian cultures?

Who would have thought that Freedom of the Press would stir up a bigger hullabaloo than the atrocities of Abu Graib?

It’s almost comic destiny how one little cartoon, from Denmark no less, could blow all the diplomatic suction since 911 right out the water. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ and awry they have gone, even if it never was the plan.


well i thought about he whole issue for some time now and followed all articles. i also have all comics.

i am actualy quite surprised about the violent reaction and quite annoyed about their stupid move.

i dont want to say that i laugh about them, while i guess inside me i do it
because i cannot understand and follow this religios stupidity.

you can debate the quality of the cartoon, and few are realy bad, some are quite good, but you cannot debate the reaction to this.

when only some cartoons are a reason to start this violence than to be quite honest has the islamic world and i mean those who complain so much, have no reason to complain about the western world treats them as underdeveloped people, because in fact they act like we acted during the midle age.

what really annoys me is this hypocritical complain from jemen for example while they have quite hard cartoons about jews.
this inferiority complex really annoys me.

they are just acting like inmature small children who feel stupid and inferior and violence is the only way for them to act.