MoI tutorials?

(Tictoon) #1

does anyone know where to find some MoI (moment of insperation) tutorials?


(OBI_Ron) #2"moment+of+inspiration"&btnG=Search


(Tictoon) #3

that really wasnt very helpful…


(dukytyme) #4

That was harsh, OBI_Ron. If you can’t help someone, why waste your time posting crap.

The guy is new here, and probably have more questions than one person could answer, but you go OUT OF YOUR WAY to copy & paste, and use the blenderartists link widget to be a “great help” to a newbie.

I am almost sick of this forum. The cool people here are exceptionally cool, but the weasel-necks are plenty.

Anyways, Tictoon, I messed with MOI a little bit a while ago, and I think Mr. Gibson is still working on a manual. He encourages questions from newbies and seems eager to help. Link–> MOI Forums

I may not be as much help as weasle-neck, uh, I mean, OBI_Ron, but I won’t be a weasle-neck and insult you for asking a question.

Sorry, OBI_Ron, you ARE a chump for doing that…You must be in that sewing circle of blenderartists butt-kiss-chumps…WOW, what a clique!


(OBI_Ron) #5

Here are a few for jewelry design. I have not looked at all of them, although I did look specifically at one that did not have MOI in the name, and it was for MOI. I really hope you don’t mind another lousy cut and paste.


(dukytyme) #6

Man, that is sure more pleasant than pasting a google search. I have limited knowledge of MOI, but the forums are pretty active there.

I remember when I first found elysiun. It was the very first forum I had ever been on, and really knew nothing about internet forums and how the community worked.

Everyone was great, and most forgiving as well. I just don’t know where all this “give the hand” to the newbies are coming from. I think the overall welcoming attitude from blenderartists is what sets it miles apart from any other 3d, or software community for that matter…

One day, Blender 3d will be a force the industry would not be able to refuse. I think that one of these newbie/kids will make a splash in the industry using Blender, and I think all the helpful people at Blenderartists would be the catalyst for it…One day.