MoI1.0 released! ((commerecial))

Hey everyone if its cool with you I will post it here that MoI - NURBS modeling software has been released for sale for 195$. If you think that is a lot of money go check out other NURBS software. MoI is very easy to use and has very nice user interface as well as great edge/line shaded geometry display. You can download a trial version or buy it here (deleted! No links for commercial products, please!)

Now, I been using Rhino3D for a long time and using MoI us so incredibly easy, plus the way it is made you will be spending 85% of the time thinking up ideas to make in 3D. MoI outputs files in .3dm format which is Rhino3D format, not only that you can copy and paste geometry between the two programs. I recomend this to beginners and advanced NURBS users.

Sorry if I sounded like a salesman. I been using it for a few months now and I am liking it a lot. :evilgrin:

What, no Linux version…?

This is another good news for people looking for inexpensive 3d apps. The very accommodating lone developer, Michael Gibson, deserves to be compensated for a job well done. Soon MOI will be gobbled up by Google or Autodesk with inacessible price. I don’t need MOI at the moment, but I’ll buy it now just to express my support.:RocknRoll:

Thank you gat for this news. As Blender does not seem to ever have any good nurbs functionality I have been playing with MOI development betas a lot. And it is really great with excellent intuitive interface. More details here

Hopefully the last beta is still available for downolad -

I wish Blender would have some day also such powerful nurbs :slight_smile:

before buying this i would rather buy the 145 $ amapi version which has decent tools.

amapi has what only software like cobalt or solidworks has - a true construction tree
and in addition you can work in polygon - activate subdivision, but instead of catmull clark select NURBS. Amapi than generates on the fly NURBS patches for you.

so this means when you modify the polygon mesh the NURBS smoothed surface gests updated. and in addition you can use all nurbs tools like trim or so as well.

perfect workflow.

195 for moi is let me a little over priced …

Development seems to be tied pretty heavilly into Window’s IE and DirectX. You might be able to run it under Wine.

Yeah, I was hoping for the 50 to 99 dollar range.

Buy both if you have the money. I bought Amapi Pro 7.52 just a year ago. Yes, it’s got advanced and sophisticated tools such as Dynamic Geometry, Stretch tool, etc. Not to mention it’s a poly and nurbs app in one package. I got stuck with some of its line tools and line editing tools such as simple straightforward trimming and splitting. There are lots of workarounds, definitely, but that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Rhino and MOI’s line tools are more in tune with doing things simply. Construction history (aka Dynamic Geometry) is not as important if you know what you’re doing. Apply undo’s for example or save your work constantly. Wait for Amapi 8’s release if ever.:evilgrin:

I am not so sure if you are right with your statement in Industrial Design.

A construction history is an essential tool for two parts:

rapid ideation - on the fly modifications like fillets etc.

the undo tool is not useful in this area at all.

after modeling 80% and than having to change essential parts could often require
first a lot of remodeling and thus secondly also a major amount of time spend on it.
In a production environment this is a very costly situation. Thats why Solidworks for example in the USA started to become very popular because it allows engineering and surfacing at the same time.

Amapi still has some serious lacks. Mesh modeling is much better in Blender.

Amapi 8 was being developed but it looks like e-frontier stopped it.

Which is too bad. Amapis worflow was pretty good to use - specifically it can save in a format Rhino also opens.

I just think MOI is for 195$ more than overpriced. I would rate it as 30 maybe 50 dollars but not more. The fillet tool is very very basic. nothing comparable to what you use today.

I wish MOI would be free - it is a great tool to introduce NURBS to students.
The simplification of tools and interface is well working for teaching.

Hi Gat

MOI is nice for learning some basics - but it lacks many special advanced tools which makes it actually not usable for pro work.

I know exactly what you mean about construction history being an essential tool especially in manufacturing. Why Amapi or even Rhino 4? Why not parametric solid modelers like Solidworks, Inventor, Pro-Engineer? Apps like Rhino and Amapi are best suited for product design and visualisation, but not necessarily for manufacturing.

I’m not going to argue with you about specifics. A lot of times one app can’t do all.

I would pay only -10$ for this. They would have to pay me to not use blender or Zbrush to model something.

Yes, MoI is streamlined for basic modeling, as an artist don’t need much more then what MoI has. I am an engineering student, so I have no choice but to buy rhino, but I will still be using MoI for making 3D models. This is not something that I would call an industrial software. The reason I recomend this to advanced NURBS users is because modeling something rhino is not very fluid and fast as modeling in MoI.

Mmph- why do you talk about MoI as if it was a polygon modeler? My orange is not better then your apple. Ok I am lying my orange is better then your apple…

I work with real time rendering/game engines. I cant use NURBS for my work.

Some of my coworkers do though.(then they convert to mesh)

hey gat

you study engineering? your institute does not use something like solid works or so?

Yes, it’s spam to me!
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i say it’s worth the price. I’m more of an artist and i never created my models so fast as in MoI. I tried several other NURBS-Modeller and put them all away because they are too complicated for me.
MoI is like taking a pen and paper and draw my ideas. I do not have to fiddle around with myriads command and menus.

As a plus you get Michael Gibson, the very communicative and user friendly MoI developer. :slight_smile:


I’d say I am quite more confortable with polies for characters for games or hi res meshes …sort of easier to get down to crazy detail…among other things…

Yes I used solid works this semester and inventor back in high school, however I don’t like that program at all, I much rather make all the parts in Rhino3D and then assemble them in solid works if I have to get them made. :ba: