A test of Dyntopo…4 hours of work …hope you like it

Amazing… Looking forward to more like this…

No! How? Sculpting??

That’s really cool. Keep up the good work. :wink:

Nice! Like the beard.

I like it very much, the pose is nice, I also like the work on the beard. I like less the drapery, It’s a bit too soft at some points in my opinion. It needs more angular shapes in fact. It’s anyway a good piece of work especially for 4 hours. Apart from that, have you used a base mesh you posed and then simply sculpt ?

I’ve seen a lot of “tests” with dyntopo lately What’s dyntopo ? I guess It means dynamic topology, but is it a new feature implanted in the last version of Blender, or we need do install it ? I would like to give a try :slight_smile:

not toooooooooo shabby.

Would like to see a little nicer material on this, but it’s cool.

Thanks guys for the concepts

Very good try on this.
Some parts like hands, beard and body are very well done. Some other parts aren’t finished. Drapery among them. You need clean shapes there. One of the most difficult subjects in 3d sculpting in general.
How many poly? How was performance?
A tip you might try is to add topology where needed, turn off dyntopo, work and so on… helpful when mesh is more than 500-800k or more.

Not yet there but well, that is a very hard sculpture to get done.
The problematic areas are shoulders, elbow area, foot and the face is like flat.

No perfecto, pero dificil pieza para sculpir.
Los problemas que más cantan son hombros, codo y pie y la cara como aplanada.

well, i think for an 4 hour sculpture it is exorbitantly well done… i recently had done just the portrait of moses in dynatopo, and this alone had taken me 4 hours… very well done, with a difficult tool, which promises a lot :slight_smile:

Well done, great sculpt.

One question… How many vertices you have and how you get good speed to work with?
Have you got good hardware?

Totally cool! Features like this are the next wave… Amazing how it’s becoming more and more like real sculpting.