Moji War

One of my creations has ended up in a battle to the death with a piece of Brocolli… the winner gets some money I think. Anyway, this site is a good place to put characters for feedback and, from the looks of things, there aren’t that many 3D artists.

If you want to save Feeny from a beating by Brocolli then here’s where you can vote:

If I lose I don’t think I could live with the shame. Vanquished by a vegetable! :o

I went over there to vote, but…somehow, the broccoli won me over

Nooooooooo! :wink:

The good news is, I am currently abstaining, to give you a better chance against the big green throwback.

I love your website by the way. I may even reconsider my voting preference in light of it and go back there and poke the green bully in the eye.

Thanks! That’s nice of you to say so… Maybe one day I’ll have a war champion! :yes: