Moka Express

Hi all ! It’s my first picture on this forum. Blender 2.5, render with internal.

Good job with the Blender Internal.

Very good texturing. The motion blur on the falling pot adds some visual interest.

Blender Internal? Amazing job! Love the textures :slight_smile:

Great job! Can you share you metal material?

Good job !

Sweet. +1 for sharing metal material, because I seldom see good metallic material from BI.

Thanks you ! My shader metal is simple. I’m use a ]HDRI Studio to the reflexion and UVW with any map -diffuse with alpha, specular, bump and normal map. Watch this picture for the setting of shader. (sorry if my english is bad… i don’t speak for a long time…)

Edit : I can’t give a URL to HDRI map, vBulletin denied the URL… search on Google “HDRI Studio CGTalk”.