This is a common Italian espresso maker. I started it yesterday and have completed the shape. I don’t have textures yet (as you can see), but hopefully that will be done soon. Any critiques would be much appreciated.:yes:

Hey, that’s a moka, not an espresso!

Quote lsscpp…and i think there are big problems with the handle size/position i guess.

IMHO, it’s all out of proportions, the handle as Marco says, the ‘beccuccio’ o come diavolo si chiama (how the hell it’s called), the top black thingy and between the top and the bottom parts.
You should get good references, is very difficult to get it right ‘a occhio’.
Moreover there is wrong topology where the beccuccio meets the body, and the line in between is not straight.
But you have nicely overcame the most difficult points.

And try and make the material less rough.
And add something to reflect.

ciao, paolo

I have changed the proportions a little bit. I have also added texture to the body. It has an antique look to it, which is what I was going for originally. I now need to change the shape and texture of the handle, as well as the texture of the top handle.

Comments and Critiques would be very welcome, and appreciated.

Not bad looking. The texture work is quite nice.

One thing I’d recommend would be to bevel out your vertical edges a bit. They’re way too sharp as is. Softening them up just a hair would make it look far more realistic.

A small update. I have textured the handle and top handle. I also messed around with the image in Photoshop, just for fun. This is what came of it. Feedback would be great as always. :slight_smile:

A lot of progress today. I have added some coffee beans to add a little realism. I have also added a mug. The logo inside of the cup is annoying, but I plan to fill the cup with coffee, so it shouldn’t be a problem. My next step, other than the coffee, is to give this scene a background.

…and maybe some shadows?

That as well.

The background is still considered a work in progress, but I like how its looking so far.