Mokka : open-source software related to motion capture data


I am developing an open-source software related to the visualization and processing of motion capture data. This software is more dedicated for the “life science” side of the motion capture field. But I would like to know if the Blender community would be interested by such tool. The next major release of Mokka ( will contain the possibility to process marker-based data (from C3D files and others) to create a skeleton and export it into a BVH (and maybe FBX) file.

It can be also imagined several other features related to the “entertainment” part of the motion capture data (e.g. retargeting, smoothing, motion edition, etc.).

I imagine people would be very interested in that. A few people have tried doing that with blenders existing tool set, but without much success.

Thanks for your feedback. I found one add-on related to the motion capture for Blender: Mocap tools . I found also Avastar with a blog post explaining how to use it. Do you know other add-ons/tools for Blender related to the motion capture?

From my comprehension, the retargeting part is covered. But all the required processing before seems not (create segments from markers-based motion capture system, re-processing of BVH file generated by inertial-based motion capture system, data filtering like pose smoothing, etc.). What should be the minimum features that Blender user would like to have?

It would be interesting if people interested by the motion capture can post in this thread the minimum features they would like to have.